About Us

Name: Justin Henson

Location: Noblesville, IN

About Me: I am a father of two amazing kids and husband to an amazing woman.  I have been a Colts fan since I was 9 years old.  I love watching the Colts play every Sunday and spending time with my family.  I came up with True Blue Fans as a place where real fans can come together and share their love for our home team; and also as a place where Colts fans can get news on their favorite team. You can follow Justin on Twitter @bigshowdsp.

Name: Cari Henson

Location: Noblesville, IN

About Me: Cari’s the mother of the same two amazing kids caricoltsmentioned above. She’s also the amazing woman mentioned above. If you use process of elimination, you can deduce that she is, indeed, married to the dude above. (No, not God. She’s not a nun. Justin’s her husband.) She has been a Colts fan all her life (aside from a short-lived crush on Joe Montana). However, she is not the sports-brain of this operation. She’s the spelling/grammar/punctuation-brain of this operation; and mostly just provides comedic entertainment. Cari is quickly learning about football with Justin’s help- and he doesn’t even roll his eyes as much as he used to. You can follow Cari on Twitter @chenson83

Name: Brian North20131129_150105

Locations: Fort Wayne, IN

About Me: I live in Northeast Indiana but am a frequent visitor to Indianapolis where I frequent the world renowned Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Zoo with my family (my wife and three young daughters).  I have been a Colts fan since the Mayflower backed the truck up to the Hoosier Dome (as it was known prior to the RCA Dome) and for the early years they were often called the Dolts because, well they weren’t very good early on.  I am a football junkie and never miss my Colts.  I never take myself to seriously and enjoy my free time when I’m not working.  You can follow me on Twitter @coltsfan360fw


One response to “About Us

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