Bill Polian To Be Added To Colts Ring Of Honor

polian-585cbc67551bcbfbThe Colts organization has elected to add another name to their prestigious Ring of Honor inside Lucas Oil Stadium. Former Colts GM Bill Polian will be added on January 1st, 2017 during the week 17 match-up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This has been a big talking point for many Colts fan over the years as to who should be inducted. However, there should be no qualms about adding a legendary executive to the already impressive mix.

Bill Polian did so much for this organization in his time with the Colts. He built a team around his centerpiece, Peyton Manning, and made sure that they had the talent to win and do it often. Mr. Polian not only refreshed the roster every year with new talent, but he dug into the depths of places that not every GM would have gone. He found guys like Robert Mathis, Bob Sanders, and Gary Brackett in the late rounds and turned them into big time players. Polian knew what kind of talent he wanted and he would scour every bit of the college football landscape to find it.

Mr. Polian’s talents even landed him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame which was another no-brainer. He did so much for the Colts franchise and he did even more for the game of football itself. I’m so happy to hear that Polian’s name will be added with the other Colts greats that we see lining the mid-ring of Lucas Oil Stadium every time we walk in. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr. Polian for all you did for the horseshoe. It’s a great honor for me personally to see your name go up in lights. Peyton may have built Lucas Oil Stadium, but you laid the foundation for it to sit on. Thanks again Mr. Polian and welcome home.


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