Who Cares That Luck Dropped In The NFL Top 100?

112913_LuckMany of you have heard, probably from Reggie Wayne, that Andrew Luck dropped significantly on the this year’s NFL Top 100 players. Luck dropped from #7 last year to #92 this year. I have read tweets that it’s not fair and I have listened to a few talk about it and they are bewildered on how a talent such as Andrew Luck could fall that far out of favor with his peers. The answer is very simple, HE WAS HURT AND DIDN’T PLAY WELL LAST YEAR!!!!

Luck was injured most of last season and even in the games that he was able to play in he wasn’t the best. Yes, he still tried to make miracle plays and was able to extend drives, but with his numbers and lack of play he was surely to drop on any list that is out there to boost the ego of any NFL player. Luck threw 12 interceptions last season in seven games. That is four less than he threw the entire 2014 season when they went to the AFC Championship game. He had a QBR of 74.9 which was the lowest of his career. I understand that if he was healthy those numbers would probably be better, but if your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle. All in all last season was Luck’s worst as a pro.

So Luck fell from the front of the pack to bringing up the rear. What did you expect? Did you expect him to be top 20 still? He is still the best young quarterback in the NFL and has time and room to grow still, but people seem butthurt because our star quarterback isn’t being treated fairly. I heard Marshall Faulk and Reggie Wayne on the NFL Network basically saying that it was disrespectful. Here is the link:


My response to this is, “Who cares?” Who cares that Luck has fallen in a list that is voted on by other NFL players. This league is a “what have you done for me lately” league and Luck hasn’t done anything since last November. As I said before, he didn’t play well last year. The whole team didn’t for that matter. It was a messy offensive line and some of the offensive weapons Luck did have weren’t living up to expectations. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Luck was throwing into double coverage and not reading the defense as he had in the past. This year, with all of the additions to the roster on the offensive line I can see that changing. Luck will hopefully not have so much fear in his head of being blind-sided that he can actually slow his thinking down and make proper reads. Couple that with a healthy arm that can make the throws he actually wants to make and he should be looking better than last year by a mile.

As for this ridiculous list that the NFL Network puts out every offseason, the players who think Luck is the 92nd best player in the NFL are being put on notice. He may carry a flip phone and not be into social media, but this news will get back to him and that may make him carry a big chip on his shoulder. He might even challenge you to a game of Settlers of Catan and school you in that. Andrew Luck came into this league with one mission: Be the best. Well maybe when he looks across the field and sees some of these players that don’t think he is a top ten player any longer they will be in for a rude awakening. Luck already knows he has to be better this year and that shouldn’t be a problem.


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