Colts Mock Draft 2.5: The Retry

I just released my second mock draft of the season about a week ago. After listening to the feedback and really taking a look at what I had put down I felt the need to adjust my picks in a 2.5 version, just a tweak but not a new mock draft entirely. With the Colts signing Patrick Robinson that doesn’t really effect my thoughts on how this draft will go really. The Colts have a lot of depth at CB right now and drafting another guy will only cloud the pool more. So without further ado here is my updated 2.5 Colts seven round mock draft. Please let us know what you think via Twitter or Facebook. Enjoy!!!

Round 1 (Pick 18)- Trade Pick To Pittsburgh Steelers
What?!?!?  Trade back in the first round??  Why!?!?!  Well here’s why, there aren’t any real candidates for the Colts at the 18th pick. If one of the great pass rushers happen to fall I can see the Colts going in that directions, but guys like Billings and Spence can be picked up at the 25th spot in the first round and the Colts won’t be on the hook for as much money. On top of that they should get the Steelers first round pick in 2016 and their second round pick. Adding another pick in the top 60 would be a great way to land some serious talent and fill more holes.

Round 1 (Pick 25)- Noah Spence- DE/OLB (Eastern Kentucky)
Spence should be available at this spot and the Colts shouldn’t pass on his talents. He has the big red flags that scare me personally, but I happen to think that everyone deserves a fair shake to mature. Spence has put in some serious work since leaving Ohio State. I feel that this kid knows what he gave up at OSU and what he still has in front of him now. He has above average pass rushing ability and can play the run decently. With Robert Mathis getting older it’s time to find the heir apparent and Spence could be that guy.

Round 2 (Pick 48)- Nick Martin- Center (Notre Dame)
No, this isn’t a pick because I’m a Notre Dame fan. This is a pick for someone who can be the center with Andrew Luck for the next decade. Martin is intelligent, a great leader, and a nasty blocker. I have said this for some time now, I’m sure Nick has gotten with big brother a few times since their seasons ended and big brother is showing him the ropes. Also bringing one of the Martin boys home to play would be great to see as well. I really wanted the Colts to go after Zack Martin so now that there is a true need at center bringing Nick home would be awesome. Who knows, maybe it will spark Zack to come this way when his contract is us?

Round 2 (Pick 58 from Pittsburgh)- Austin Johnson- DT (Penn State)
Johnson is a mountain of a man. I will say that if the Colts could get Andrew Billings in the first with the 25th pick then I would say go for it, but I feel he will be gone. With Johnson still sitting on the board I feel he would be a great asset toJohnson the line and be able to switch with David Parry in the middle. Johnson is athletic enough that he could kick out to defensive end for Kendall Langford. Johnson is versatile and as strong as an ox. I hate drafting players from Penn State because you get a boom or bust pick, but I don’t think that is the case with Johnson.

Round 3 (Pick 82)- Joshua Perry- OLB (Ohio State)
Let’s keep addressing the defense, shall we? By adding an outside linebacker who can play the run with the best of them. Perry isn’t someone many people know because he was overshadowed by so many other great defensive players in his time at OSU. Perry is someone that can contribute right away and has the potential to make a dramatic impact. He isn’t a pure rush linebacker and this would add depth behind Erik Walden and give Perry a chance to get his feet wet slowly and not throw him into the fire immediately.

Round 4 (Pick 113)- Blake Martinez- ILB (Stanford)
I know what you’re thinking, “Not another Stanford guy!!!” but Martinez is a true leader who has some work to do Martinezwith his game. He has the intangibles to play in the NFL, but he has to work on catching up with the game itself. He is a run thumper and doesn’t get beat up the middle very much. He even has the ability to get and set the edge, but he doesn’t have the quickness to cover across the middle all the time. If the Colts were going to ask him to play zone coverage then he may be okay. If he has to cover a tight end or running back one-on-one he will lose that match-up more times than not. That is something he can work on over the next year or so and possibly challenge for a starting spot next season. He can contribute on special teams and be put into the rotation the Colts will have at ILB this season. He is a project, but not too big of one.

Round 5 (Pick 143)- Keith Marshall- RB (Georgia)
I had Marshall in my 2.0 mock, but had him be selected in the seventh round. I was silly to think that he would last until the seventh round. Marshall has everything an NFL team could want in a running back. He has the power, speed, quickness, elusiveness and vision that you want in a running back. However, being stuck behind Todd Gurley and tearing his ACL in 2013 will make people forget who you are and what you can do. I have read that he hesitates sometimes when running because of his injury, but from the film I have watched I don’t see that. Marshall will have to battle with newly signed Robert Turbin and Jordan Todman, but I feel he could take a back-up roll quickly.

Round 7 (Pick 207)- Deon Bush- FS (Miami)
This is a crazy selection because I doubt Bush falls this far, but he is falling fast right now. He has continued to fall since the combine. Bush has all the traits you want in safety but it seems like when you watched him play this past season he was hesitant. Why was he that way? I have no clue. It could have been that he knew he was going to the NFL and didn’t want to risk injury or it could be that he was just unhappy. Whatever the case may be his previous year’s film show a different story than this season. He could have been playing with injuries as well. If Bush falls to the seventh round and the Colts don’t pounce on him then there is something wrong. Adams has maybe two season left in the tank so the Colts need to start looking for that replacement now. Bush could be that guy.


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