Colts Mock Draft 2.0

11599354Free agency has come and the Colts haven’t made any moves worth mentioning. A couple of backups is all they’ve gone after thus far. They re-signed some of their own players, but let others walk that threw us for a loop. I feel the losses of Jerrell Freeman and Dwight Lowery will be felt at some point during the season. The Colts didn’t go all in as they have in the past during the free agency period, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is still time to sign some good players that remain at a substantially reduced price over what it would have been if they had been jumped on in the first week. Whoever the Colts sign at this point though likely wouldn’t be starters, sans Stefan Wisnewiski or Russell Okung, and so it seems the Colts will rely on the draft to fill voids on the roster. It’s been over a week since mock draft 1.0 was released and I feel that I have seen enough to be able to narrow the fields down more than before. So without further ado, here is my 2.0 Colts mock draft. Enjoy!!!

Round 1 (Pick 18) – Taylor Decker – OT (Ohio State)
I had Shaq Lawson here in my first mock draft but he has done quite a bit to raise his draft stock which leads me to believe he won’t be available here. So without a true pass rushing threat available the Colts will go to their next biggest need: Offensive line. Decker is a strong blocker with good feet and good use of hands. He will be able to be plugged in and start from day one. This would allow the Colts to have Joe Reitz move to right guard where he will be an improvement over the rotation of mediocre there last year. At this point they will still need a center, but if they locked up Wisnewiski, as I hope they do, then it won’t be a worry.

Round 2 (Pick 48) – Scobby Wright – ILB (Arizona)
Previously I had Jason Spriggs in this spot, but with my draft going with Decker in the first round there is no need for another tackle at this point. With the surprising loss of Jerrell Freeman and no suitable or dependable replacement currently on the roster, the Colts could nab up a serious project talent in Wright. Wright missed most of this past season with an injury, but that isn’t a huge concern right now. His 40 time at the combine wasn’t the greatest either, but he has good football speed. If we throw D’Qwell Jackson’s issues in the mix as well then going after an inside linebacker makes sense early on.

Round 3 (Pick 82) – Deiondre’ Hall – CB (Northern Iowa)
I would still love to see Killebrew with the Colts, but with Geathers basically slotted to be the starting strong safety I feel that this pick could still be used on the secondary, but for a corner. The Colts still need a cornerback with Greg Toler being atrocious in the role last season. After using my first two picks to shore up a couple of bleeding areas it’s time to find that new cornerback. Hall is exactly what the Colts need and want in a corner. He is tall and physical with good speed, which are all traits that Greg Toler just didn’t possess. The team still has D’Joun Smith and Tevin Mitchell to vie for the spot, but having a guy like Hall backing them up wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen at a position we can’t seem to keep healthy.

Round 4 (Pick 113) – Graham Glasglow – C (Michigan)
The Colts still need an answer at center and they haven’t found it with Khaled Holmes or Jonathan Harrison. Glasglow is a solid starter who showed that he can handle the speed and power he will face on the inside of an NFL offensive line. He showed well at both of the college all-star games and really shot himself up some draft boards. I’m not saying that Glasglow could step in on day one and start, but I’m also not saying that he can’t. He has the talent so it’s a “wait and see” game with him to assess if he can handle the speed of the game at the next level.

Round 5 (Pick 143) – Victor Ochi – OLB (Stony Brook)
One name gaining a lot of ground is that of Victor Ochi. I absolutely love this kid. He shined at the East-West game and during one-on-one drills. He has a natural talent for rushing the passer and even showed at the Shrine game he plays the run pretty well too. His combine wasn’t the greatest, but if you watch his tape his football speed is absolutely great. He has great instincts and reminds me of a young Robert Mathis with his field awareness. The Colts could treat him as such too as Ochi could be a good special teams player and come in on certain passing downs until he is fully capable of being in there more often. Giving him time to learn from one of the great pass rushers in the NFL’s history wouldn’t be a bad move either.

Round 7 (Pick 207) – Keith Marshall – RB (Georgia)
Marshall stood out at the combine and may have brought himself up further than this pick, however, if he is available at this selection then the Colts need to take a run at him. Marshall is one of the biggest sleepers in this draft in my mind. If he is given time and opportunity then I feel he could be a solid running back for the next 5-7 years. Marshall has great speed and good vision. He has a knack for making people miss, but if he can’t do that then he will just run them over with his size. Even with the recent signing of Robert Turbin it is important to remember that Georgia running backs always seem to find a way to be impressive in the NFL and Marshall won’t let anyone down.


How’d we do? Tell us what you think in the comments.


One response to “Colts Mock Draft 2.0

  1. Can’t comment on the draft mock as I don’t really follow that deep but I agree with the motion that Colts will feel lack of Freeman more than once at some point next season. As far as Dwight goes, I had mixed feelings and perhaps the young gun set to replace him will do fine.

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