A Silent Day One Makes Colts Fans Uneasy

The free agency frenzy is well underway in the NFL and we have seen quite a few big names land unexpected massive contracts that most of their teams will regret in a year or two. The Colts, however, for the first time in Ryan Grigson‘s tenure have remained quiet on the first day of free agency. This seems to have been the plan all along as many expected. There weren’t many people in the first day that were someone who would fit in the Colts system, their desire to get younger, and the price tags that would come with them when Luck’s contract extension is hanging over their heads. Many of you in ColtsNation weren’t happy that the Colts made absolutely no moves yesterday. It’s understandable to a degree. We have all gotten used to Grigson going after a few of the bigger names to bring in and bolster the depth chart. However, that isn’t need this time around. Yes, there are spot that desperately need to be addressed, but they can be adequately addressed after the initial “overpay” period is over. People like center Stephen Wisniewski and guard Louis Vasquez are still out there and can fill the void on the interior of the offensive line for half the price of names like newly signed guard for the Texans Jeff Allen or Falcon’s new starting center Alex Mack. There aren’t many standout pass rushers left, but the draft is where the team can address that need. There are still a couple of good cornerbacks on the market that I would bet the Colts are taking a look at and of course Jerrell Freeman is still out there. 

The Colts did lose two starters yesterday. Safety Dwight Lowery, who played fairly well last season, is moving to the west coast and landed with the Chargers. Lowery landed himself a good deal with the Bolts on a 3 yr/7.2 million dollar contract. That includes a $1.5 million dollar signing bonus and another $1.5 million guaranteed. That is more than the Colts were willing to pay I would suspect with someone like Clayton Geathers in the background ready to step into a starting role even if Lowery had been retained. Lowery’s departure won’t be one that many of us will noticed next season. He did well for his one season in Indy, but I feel that Geathers showed that he can play in the NFL and placing him in a starting position will only help boost his confidence.

Coby Fleener also, as expected, skipped town after the Colts signed his counterpart Dwayne Allen to a big contract. Fleener found a great team to sign with in New Orleans that has a quarterback that loves to throw to his tight end. Ben Watson was able to resurrect his career in New Orleans behind the arm of Drew Brees so I would be willing to bet that Fleener will do just fine. His departure will be felt this season. Not only on the field, but in the community as Fleener is a great man and always takes time for the fans. He seems to be a very humble person and that is something you don’t find in many NFL players a whole lot these days. I will say this though, if Allen is finally fully healthy and the Colts don’t misuse him again then we will not be so upset that Fleener is no longer wearing the horseshoe.

I want to thank Dwight Lowery and Coby Fleener for their time and effort that was put forth for the Colts. It isn’t unnoticed by any means and we all wish you the best on your future endeavors.

In closing: I would like to remind all the Colts fans that there is no reason to lose your heads. The Colts wouldn’t have signed Bruce Irvin or Olivier Vernon, especially for their price tags. They wouldn’t have been able to land Alex Mack either. We have all, myself included, complained about how much money Grigson spent on free agents and now that he is seeming to be playing it smarter people are upset about it. There were definite playmakers on day one, but none the Colts could have or would have signed. As the week moves forward and more and more free agents find a new home I would bet the Colts will find someone that will fit the team really well and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Wouldn’t that make everyone happy? Probably not, but oh well…can’t please everyone.


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