Enough Is Enough

imagesBy now most of you have heard the talk about what the Colts should do when Andrew Luck is finally ready to go again. Should they just hand over the reins to him or should they allow Matt Hasselbeck to keep playing if he is still winning games? This is something that has been talked about nationally and locally and I find it a little crazy that this topic merits so much conversation. This is something that should not carry any weight on any level of the media but for some reason it has so I felt that I would finally weigh in on this matter.

So there are people who think Luck should be sat when he is ready to go if Hasselbeck is still winning games for the Colts? You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t ya? You really think that the quarterback that has had stellar performance after stellar performance will get benched in lieu of his back-up who is having a flash in the pan season? Really, that’s what you think? Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful for the Colts having Matt Hasselbeck. He has handled this situation with so much poise and respect for Andrew that it’s almost sickening. At the age of 40 he is 4-0 on the season and has led this team to an above .500 record. He has shown how to run the dink and dunk offense to its maximum potential and he has possibly shown Andrew that he doesn’t have to bomb the ball to make a big play happen. I’m very happy that Hasselbeck is the back-up here in Indy and I have said that since the first day he signed here. However I cannot and will not believe that Luck isn’t better than Hasselbeck.

You may be asking if someone has said that Matt is better than Andrew and I will say in not so many words, yes. How you ask? By saying that when the future of the franchise comes back from injury that he needs to be sat because his back-up is winning games. And before anyone compares this situation to what is going on in Denver please stop. What is going on in Denver is that Peyton has aged quickly and has lost what he once had and Osweiler has been lying in waiting for long enough. Hasselbeck is a good quarterback for sure but age will catch up and my hope is that it doesn’t before Andrew is healed up and can take back over.

This coming week the Colts will face-off with the Steelers in Pittsburgh in prime time. Hasselbeck took a bit of a beating this past week. He took far more hits than he has this whole time he has been starting. The question is can he bounce back and be ready to go? Can he lead the Colts to another win on the road? I think he can. I think that Hasselbeck can hold down the fort without a problem while Andrew is gone but when Luck returns it will be time to give the team back to him and sit back. Luck has had a rough season for sure. No one, including him, saw this season coming from him. However on his worst day Luck is better than Hasselbeck. So for the likes of Deion Sanders, Colin Cowherd and any other national or local media moron, you can take your argument and, well…you know what do with it.


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