Why Did The Colts Bring In Frank Gore?

Here is a question for all of our loyal readers, “Why did the Colts bring in Frank Gore?” I’m pretty sure I remember so many people, fans and Colts staff alike, complaining about the lack of a running game over the last few seasons. Ahmad Bradshaw provided as much as he could before he went down with a season-ending injury. Donald Brown was alright at times, but nothing to really lean on. Boom Herron flashed, but couldn’t hang on to the ball or block very well. So, why did the Colts bring Gore to Indy? TO. RUN. THE. DAMN. BALL!!!

Frank Gore is a talented player and the Colts pandered and were able to lure him away from Philly the night before he was to sign with them. He is exactly the kind of running back that Pep Hamilton wanted and needed for his power run game to work and now they they have him they limit his carries? What the hell for? To keep him fresh for the playoffs? PLAYOFFS? YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFS?!?!?! Yeah…I went there. If this team can’t turn it around quickly there won’t be a reason for Gore to be fresh for the playoffs. The Colts currently have a running back who is averaging 4.6 yards per carry and they limit him to nine carries against the New Orleans Saints? I get they were down, but Gore was able to get yards almost at will. The same thing happened in the New England game. Gore was averaging 6.0 yards per carry and they stopped running the ball and threw 26 consecutive passes. 26! Anyone else see the problem here?

Could running Gore more during the Saints game made things easier? Maybe, but we will never know. This is a situation that needs to be remedied pretty damn quick. If Andrew Luck is not starting out very good then give the ball to Frank and even mix in Bradshaw to take that pressure off of our clearly ailing QB. He is still a young and developing player and doesn’t need the weight of the team on his shoulders. Having veterans around him to take away some of that pressure can only help his situation and the team’s situation. Next week the Colts will be going to Carolina and it will be a huge test. If they couldn’t do a damn thing against the worst defense in the NFL then how do you think they are going to stack up against one of the better defenses? Gore can be the equalizer. Gore has been the equalizer his entire career and now he is being used as if he has nagging injuries and is fragile.

If Pep continues to not use Gore then he should be the one fired first. I’m not about firing anyone mid-season, but if you have a weapon that you refuse to use and it’s a weapon you have been complaining about for two years that you wanted then you’re not competent enough to do the job. It’s time to take the shackles off of Gore and let him do what he was brought here to do and that’s take pressure off the passing game with his down your throat running style.


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