It’s New England Week, Don’t Freak Out

Week 6 in the NFL has arrived. What does that mean to Colts Country? The means the hated New England Patriots are coming to Indy and it’s time for the hatred to flow, right? It’s time to hear about how much we hate the Patriots, or “Cheatriots” if you would rather call them that, and it’s time to dog on Tom Brady even more than you already have been. The Pats have had the Colts number for the last several years and it really hasn’t even been close since Luck entered the league. Tommy Brady and his boys have made damn sure they stomp a mud-hole in the Colts and walk it dry the last few times they have played one another. That’s about to change this week though, right? Probably not, but it should be more interesting.

The Pats will come into Lucas Oil Stadium undefeated yet again in this young NFL season. Brady has been on fire and the Pats have been scoring so many points it really isn’t even funny. The usual suspects are there on offense in Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman and now they have added Philly washout Dion Lewis to the mix and he has been amazing so far this season. The Patriots defense is on point to be even more dominating than they have been in the past. They allow only 19 points per game and just shy of 230 yards passing per game. Their run defense is holding teams to 100 yards on average as well. The offense for the Pats is the star though. They are 2nd in points scored per game, 1st in total yards per game, and 1st in passing yards per game. Now normally with the great secondary we have here in Indy I wouldn’t be worried that much, but I am.

The Colts secondary has been far from great this season. Vontae Davis took that blow to the head and it still seems like he is getting back on track. Greg Toler came back last week and the rust showed in a big way throughout the game. Darius Butler seems to still be recovering from his injury as well. Mike Adams and Dwight Lowry are the only two defensive backs who have been holding their own this season, but with the Pats making quick throws who knows how effective they will be. If the Colts secondary plays like that they have the last two games, Brady is going to have a huge day. If they can take advantage of the ten days off and really get their minds and bodies right then I think it will be a challenge for him.

This brings me back to Dion Lewis. He is an unlikely hero out of the Pats backfield and he isn’t just running the ball well. He has taken over for Shane Vereen who left New England for the New York Giants this past offseason. Lewis has been a great addition and a key piece to the Pats offense. Lewis running the ball does not scare me whatsoever, as shifty as he has been. The Colts have faced some pretty good running back so far this season and they have handled them pretty well. Lewis out of the backfield on a swing route or a screen route is terrifying though. The linebackers are going to have to be on point all game or Lewis will break it wide open.

So far I have just been talking about the teams and what the Colts need to do so you’re probably wondering why I’m saying don’t freak out. Well I think it is pretty obvious as to why. If the Colts lose, don’t freak out. This season is still young and this team is coming together finally. If the Colts win, don’t freak out. They didn’t lose the Lombardi and the season isn’t over. More than likely the Colts will have to face Brady and the Pats in the playoffs to get to Santa Clara in February. Finally, I get that everyone is going to trash talk Pats fans and their players. That is your fandom coming out and I get that, but please don’t be that guy that just keeps bringing up the deflated footballs for crying out loud. If you remember right, the balls were replaced in the second half of that game and the Colts go throttled anyway.

I heard about this blimp that was going to say #Deflate This Brady and I’m very glad the Colts have asked the company NOT to fly the blimp. That is harping on something that most people are tired of hearing about and would be embarrassing to live with if the Colts lose Sunday night. I’m sure people are going to wear those stupid deflated football hats I saw being sold at training camp this year, but remember something, if you wear that and the Colts lose you have to take your tongue lashing like the man/woman that you are. The blimp was a major freak out in my opinion and I’m glad that we as fans won’t have to explain something like that.

The game is coming up quickly and Colts nation is very eager to see what is going to happen. I’m more eager to see how people act leading up to the game and how they react with the outcome. I’m going into this game with no expectations. I don’t expect the Colts to win or lose. The only thing I want to see is a hard fought game. I could care less if it’s pretty or the ugliest thing on the face of the Earth. If the game is tight and the Colts don’t roll over and play dead then I’m going to walk away a happy fan. I know I’m in the minority on that one as I’m sure people will leave LOS cussing up a storm and yelling at the top of their lungs win or lose. So please don’t freak out this week and just enjoy the show.


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