Colts Fall to Bears


The Colts played the Bears at Lucas Oil Stadium and were looking to put the Eagles loss from last week behind them.  Enter in week 2 opponent the Chicago Bears, whom the Colts had practiced with leading up to the game and by all accounts Indy seemed to get the better against. So, what could go wrong?

For starters, the Colts fell to 0-2 in preseason, but that doesn’t accurately portray what transpired.  The Bears walked into Indianapolis and forced their will on the Colts with a final score of 23-11.

This game can really be broken up into three segments.

Segment 1: Bears pound the ball and put up 2 Robbie Gould field goals to take the lead 6-0.  The Colts offense did little to help out the defense as they were often forced to defend a short field.  The offensive line continued it’s woes, even Anthony Costanzo had his troubles stopping the edge rushers of the Bears. Jack Mewhort had a horrible game, but we have to remember this is second game starting at Right Tackle.  Twitter was abuzz with suggestions of moving him to guard and moving Joe Reitz to Right Tackle, something to consider.

Segment 2: The Colts finally got things rolling as they headed into the second quarter with a key play of a 45 yard hook up between Luck and his favorite target, T.Y. Hilton.
Followed up by Luck running in the ball in and putting a well earned 6 points on the board.
The Colts then took the lead after a 2 point conversion (Andre Johnson) to bring the score to 8-6

Segment 3: From this point on in the game it turned solidly in favor of the Bears who basically ran the ball at-will against the struggling defense. Game. Set. Match.

Game Notes:

Luck again looked impressive despite issue on the offensive line. Honestly, I’d be fine if he didn’t play another snap in preseason, but I know he will.

T.Y. Hilton made his presence known and seemed to make good on his new salary freshly inked this month. The connection looks as good as ever. I was expecting to see more from Duron Carter, but again as impressive he looked during training camp has yet to flash those talents in games 1& 2. I have heard the argument that he hasn’t been with the first team so it makes it more difficult to evaluate, which I understand, but he hasn’t shown anything going against second and third stringers when other players have done well (Robinson, Herrera).

Frank Gore made his debut as a Colt and looked to be the answer to the dilemma of absent running game that have plagued the team for years.


Along with Gore, Josh Robinson continued to produce when handed the rock. Robinson has, in my opinion, lived up to hype he had coming out of training camp. I noted on Twitter that he seems to always find a way not to lose yards. He just seems to have that something special, something hard to define, and he reminds me a lot of ex-thorn our sides running back Maurice Jones-Drew. He really deserves some work with the starters and jump ahead of Herron on the depth chart.

The offensive line: what more can be said that already hasn’t? Those who follow the team have been concerned with the line’s  ability to protect Luck and saw nothing on Saturday to dissuade those fears. Jack Mewhort had a horrible game and the rest didn’t fare much better. Even Anthony Costanzo got clowned by Jarred Allen.

The Defense was hard to read as they were forced to defend a short field all too often, but still held the Bears to three field goals. Erik Walden played extremely well setting the edge and also applied pressure on Jay Cutler all night. The D-Line seemed to have trouble stopping the run while the secondary seemed to be strength of the unit.

The team is now 0-2 and facing a formidable Rams defense for their next outing. The next game usually gives us the best look prior to the start of the regular season and much work still needs to be done. Remember that now is the time to address problems and test things out prior to the regular season. That’s when the wind and losses matter.


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