Colts vs Eagles

colts eagles_00001

Preseason  opens on Sunday for the Colts as they travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles.  As I and others have stated previously, these games provide little semblance to a real game. With that being said there are still things that can be taken away from these games.  Again, for those of you looking to see the first stringers play may not want to blink because most of they key players will be out after a few snaps. However if you’re tuning in for Tebow, then you should be entertained (sorry, couldn’t resist).

So, why even bother you might be asking out loud?  Well for starters (no pun intended) more namely the “Depth Guys” and those who are looking to make a name for themselves for the Colts or for other teams will get the lion’s share of the work.  Also, units will get some time to play against other opponents besides their teammates.  By this point in training camp, players are looking for an opportunity to see how they stack up against others, and also how they can fit into the team’s scheme.

Here’s what I will be looking for:

1.  Josh Robinson/Vick Ballard.

I would suspect we will see a lot of Robinson, as Gore will likely see little or no action.  The team knows what they have in Gore and Herron, those two are locks for the roster.  Ballard depending upon health may get some snaps but may also wait a bit longer, but I would suspect we will see a lot of Robinson as the team will need to see if he is third on depth chart.

2.  Duron Carter

Duron CarterTrainingCampProfile

Carter the son of Hall of Famer Cris Carter, who now is fighting for an opportunity to find his way onto the roster.  It seems odd saying that, but with Hilton, Johnson, Moncrief, Dorsett, along with Whalen it seems odd to think the physically gifted but troubled player (sound familiar) should get ample opportunity to showcase his abilities.  I still think he finds his way onto the roster somehow, maybe special teams, but he has to make his case in these games. He has been impressive in training camp, but now we get to see in live action, how he does against defenses and if it translate to the NFL.

3.  Phillip Dorsett

He was a surprise first round pick in the draft to many as more glaring needs seemed to be higher on the list, but Grigson seemed to be ga-ga over the speedster out of Miami.  It seems that he has been impressive in the camps and practices according to the coaches and those in attendance, but now he gets to go at players who want to flatten him into the turf.  We all heard about his blazing speed and him being in the return game, hopefully it will translate into something special, something we haven’t seen in a long time.

4.  Offensive Line

This will be one of the things I will be watching most closely.  One of the biggest areas will be center.  More namely, Khaled Holmes should be the starter heading into the regular season, but Jonotthan Harrison is looking to find a way in to unseat him, whether it be injury or  poor play.  Also how will Jack Mewhort settle in at Right Tackle?  Then we have the guards spots
to settle, so you can see there is much to be gleaned from this group.

5. Defense

trent cole

This should be interesting as the team’s defense will largely be the same except some tweaks at corner and some realignment of players (Werner now playing behind Walden) and new faces such as Trent Cole and second year player Jonathan Newsome handling the Rush Linebacker duties until Robert Mathis makes his way back into the field.  We all know the secondary is the strength of this unit, but the line will have to prove if they are up to the task at getting pressure up the middle and stopping the run.

So there you go, it’s okay to enjoy preseason football, and I gave you some things to look for while watching.  This is what I’m interested in seeing, what about you?  Leave comments, that’s what they’re for.  Seriously, let us know!


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