Bold, And A Little Crazy, Predictions For The 2015 Colts

I saw something like this the other day and it got me thinking. I shocked-facestarted to wonder what my bold predictions would be for this team. This offense is set to be a juggernaut and will be led by the best young player in the NFL, Andrew Luck. The defense seems to be making some strides, but no one is sold just yet. So what are the predictions that I came up with? Glad you asked because here they are. These are my bold and crazy predictions for the upcoming 2015 Colts season.

Andrew Luck Wins Super Bowl/NFL MVP
This may not be too crazy but it is bold. The Colts are favorites to make it to the big game and it’s usually the winning quarterback who gets the Super Bowl MVP honors. Hell, a cornerback sealed the win for the Pats last season and Brady got the honor. Didn’t make sense, but you get what I’m saying. As far as the NFL MVP award, that isn’t too crazy either. He was in the running last year but couldn’t quite get there. This season he has so many weapons it will be almost impossible for him not to put up MVP numbers.

 Mathis racks up 14 sacks on the season
The Colts have openly said they are thinking late September to early October for Mathis’ comeback. I’m thinking he comes back in week shocked_face2three or four. That gives him time to knock the rust off before the hated Patriots come to Indy. Mathis still has it in him to be a monster pass rusher. I refuse to look at the age of a player and say he can’t do things. If I did then I would have to explain how Mike Adams pulled off the season he did last year. Thankfully I don’t have to do that. I still think Mathis has plenty in the tank and he will get the chance to show off soon enough.

 The “No Fly Zone” leads all NFL defensive backfields in interceptions.
Davis is an elite cornerback and no one can say he isn’t. Toler has flashes where he is brilliant, but then does something stupid to remind us why we bag on him so much. Butler is one of the best nickel cornerbacks in the league. Mike Adams had a great season last year in this category and I think he can do it again. Dwight Lowery is new to the team, yet is no stranger to being a ball hawk when he has to be. Additionally, the Colts have an offense that most teams will have to play catch up with. When teams have to play catch up they throw the ball a lot more. I’m saying the Colts defensive backfield has a total of 27 total interceptions.

Frank Gore rushes for 1,300 yards
How exciting would that be to watch? Having a running back who can gain that many yards would be a God-send. We haven’t seen that kind of production in Indy out of the backfield since Edgerrin James was in the backfield I, for one, think we’ll see it again this season. Gore has a four season streak of 1,000 yard and he will do everything he can to keep that intact. This is a pass-first offense for sure, but after they get up so much it will be Gore’s time to shine.

Andre Johnson has more receiving yards than T.Y. Hilton
Is that really so hard to believe? Luck will have one of the best receivers ever to play the game (that’s not named Reggie) and all they can do is swoon over each other since Johnson got here. Luck will obviously still be looking to Hilton as the first read, but Johnson offers up two big things that Hilton doesn’t: size and catch radius. Johnson was the man in Houston for years without a good quarterback throwing him the ball. Now he has a stud throwing him the pigskin and I would be willing to bet he will take advantage of that.

Josh Chapman makes his first Pro Bowl appearance
I know right? CRAZY!!!! Chapman was drafted with an injury so he was given a large grace period to become the run-stuffing man-eater he was at Alabama. That grace period is over. Chapman has even openly said that it’s “put up or shut up” time. Chapman has all the tools to be a premier nose tackle in the NFL…he just hasn’t put them together yet. This is the year we see all the puzzle pieces fall into place.

Pat McAfee sets NFL record on longest field goal
This is something we have all wanted to see for some time now. McAfee has an amazing leg. You don’t get the nickname “Boomstick” by not being able to bust the guts out of the ball. McAfee has hit shocked-face3from 65 yards in practices before and the ball still had room to go. Feasibly, Pat could make it from 70 yards in the right conditions. The Colts have some creampuffs on their schedule and if they get up big enough we could finally see him get his chance.

Colts go 14-2 with home field advantage throughout the playoffs
Home field advantage isn’t too crazy, but 14-2 is very bold in my opinion. Some will say why didn’t I say 16-0? Because I’m a little crazy, but I’m not psychotic. The Colts may have some gutter teams to face this season but not enough to say they could go undefeated in the regular season. Plus who wants all that hoopla going into the playoffs? 14-2 is the mark I’m setting.



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