Are The Colts Still In Trouble With The Offensive Line?

Recently Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel wrote that the Colts offensive line was “lousy” and I can’t say that I disagree with him at this point. The Colts knew going into this season that they really needed to upgrade their offensive line and they really didn’t. They added an aging right guard who didn’t have a great season last year and they placed their hope and trust in him that he could turn it around this year. I think they are looking at Herremans and hoping that he can have a Mike Adams-like season where he turns in a pro bowl season after being written off. Is that the best strategy though?

Here is the breakdown as camp is currently in session of who will line up where:
LT-Anthony Castonzo
LG-Lance Louis
C-Khaled Holmes
RG-Todd Herremans
RT-Jack Mewhort

Castonzo is the best offensive lineman they have by far and I think most people would agree with that statement. Mewhort had a great year at left guard so why would you move him to tackle? If you have watched any games from last season, Mewhort cannot handle speed rushers and that is what the Colts will face a lot of this season. Now I get that Mewhort could have spent this offseason trying to work on getting his footwork together but I am not sure if he had time between posing nude for ESPN and getting ready for training camp. I hate the fact that they are moving Mewhort to right tackle and away from the position he did so well in. However, what other choice did they have? Reitz?

Lance Louis is a back-up player at best and that is pushing it. He should not be considered for a starting role at all, but since the Colts did nothing to address the offensive line they are stuck with trying to put a square peg into a round hole.

I do have some faith left in Khaled Holmes. He played fairly well in the playoffs last year and seemed to really start developing a trust with Luck. I like Harrison as well, but Holmes is who I want to see starting there. The Colts cannot have a position carousel at center this year. There has to be the stability between the quarterback and his center. Can they build throughout training camp and the preseason? Sure they can. They can become a strong unit, but I’m not putting all my chips on black yet.

The Colts offensive line has been terrible for the last couple of years and it’s time for the team to do something about it. Start by first locking up our best lineman along with other moves like bringing in more talented and younger players would be the next step, though I fear that have already missed that train.

The offensive lineman we have is what this team and we fans are going to have to live with this season. I feel that if this passing attack that we are all waiting for is as successful as we think it will be then the offensive line might not be such a big issue. Yes, I understand the line has to protect Luck to get the balls to the receivers, but in a passing attack it’s the quick and short passing game that really kills the opponent. Frank Gore will have to basically muscle his way through holes to gain yards and I think that is the biggest reason the Colts brought him here because of his knack for doing so. It’s kind of like I was told in high school when I was run blocking, either move your ass or the running back will leave an imprint of their facemask in the small of your back. After a while you learn to move your ass.

There is still time for this unit to get better and more cohesive. Don’t plan on seeing an offensive line that is full of pro bowlers, but if they put in the work then they could prove myself, Gregg Doyel, and the rest of their naysayers wrong. I, for one, hope I’m proven wrong.


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