Most Disliked Indy Colts Players Of All-Time

GeorgeSo after reading through Sports Illustrated’s Most Hated piece I felt the need to look back on some of the more disliked Colts players since the move to Indy. I read through multiple articles and even searched my own thoughts about who I did not care for and who I have heard people say multiple times they didn’t like.

I have to say after reading some of the posts I found online and comparing them to my own memories I am almost right in line with most of the Colts fans out there. This list is only for Indianapolis Colts players. I did not add John Elway on here because that was obviously before the move happened. However, if you want to know most people still hate on Elway for the decision he made not to play football if he had to play for the Baltimore Colts.

So here is my list. Enjoy!!

5. Quinn Pitcock
I know what some are thinking. That I’m cold because this guy had an illness that took over his life and he couldn’t put a controller down because of that illness. All I have to say is give me a break. I get that he had troubles but anyone with that much talent and promise that gives up on my favorite team to become a Call of Duty world champion will fall on my list every time. I was glad to hear that he did get counseling and I believe he has found his way back to football.  However I cannot forget what happened and the way he gave up on the Colts.

4. Jeff George
George had a rough run while in Indy. He did much better for himself when he found his way to Atlanta.  However while in Indy he stunk up the place. He may not have had all the talent in the world but for crying out loud, Jim Harbaugh had about the same amount of talent around him and lead the Colts to an AFC Championship game and almost pulled it out. He was the highest paid rookie at the time and couldn’t even have a higher touchdown number than interception. Thankfully the fans in Indy only had to endure his “talent” for just a few seasons.

3. Mike Vanderjagt
This is one that I had to put in because of so many people telling me that they are glad he is gone and hoped he had a terrible career after Indy, which he did. Yes he shanked a few important kicks and may Vanderjagthave had words with the Sheriff but I still think he did more good than bad. I just think he didn’t know how to handle himself properly so he wasn’t re-signed. Well that and it seemed that when kicks really mattered he would freeze. I feel the kicks he missed against the Pats, then ran his mouth before the playoff game, and the miss against the Steelers where the team was trying to play for overtime are two of the biggest reasons Colts fans don’t like Mike.

2. Eric Dickerson
This may seem crazy to most people but I cannot stand Eric Dickerson. First of all when people think of this guy they don’t think of his time in Indy and neither does he. He, along with Faulk, went into the Hall of Fame as a member of the Rams. Dickerson was never happy here and you could see it when he played. I was very young when Dickerson was here but when I am able to see old Colts game with Dickerson you can see on his face that he hated his time here and was very happy to end it. I felt like doing and dual number with and putting Faulk in this as well but I can just mention him, right? They both had great moments here but both were unhappy here and ready to move on. Good riddance in my book.

1. Hank Baskett
This is the one player that the majority of people I have talked to and the majority of things that I have read have the most disdain for. Of baskettcourse it’s all because he fumbled the on-side kick the Saints kicked at the start of the second half during the Super Bowl. The ball was kicked right to Baskett and he fumbled the ball in which the Saints recovered and took all the momentum for the remainder of that game. So yes I can see why most Colts fans flat out hate Hank Baskett. Hate may be a strong word here but that is the feeling I get from Colts Nation when you bring up his name. The only good thing you get from bringing up his name is the fact that his wife is very attractive.

There you go. I know there are other players that probably deserve to be on this list but these are the five names that I felt belonged here the most. Well six names if you count the fact that I threw Faulk in with Dickerson. I could have also thrown names like Trev Alberts, Corey Simon and Tony Ugoh in there but these five took the cake for me.


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