Saturday to Ring of Honor


There may not be too many other players who are as loved as former Colts center and Super Bowl Champion, Jeff Saturday.  The team announced on Tuesday that Saturday, who retired in 2012 after playing one season with the Green Bay Packers would be entering the Colts Ring of Honor on Sunday, September 21st at half-time against the New York Jets.  Saturday will be remembered for many things from his play on the field (5 time Pro Bowl Player) to his off the field work a executive member of the NFL Player Association.  In fact, Saturday has been mentioned as being one of the key components to negotiating the 2011 CBA between the players and the owners (remember the picture of Saturday hugging Patriot’s owner, Robert Kraft).

He was known as being a tough player, as well as one of the most intelligent on the field.  Jeff wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the best, even standing toe-to-toe with Peyton Manning at various times.  Although they would disagree at times, the two respected each other and became closely associated with each other.  Peyton respected Saturday as much as he respected Peyton. 

Some questioned his size coming out of college but that never stopped him from  realizing his dream.  As an undrafted free agent out of North Carolina, Saturday signed with the Ravens in 1998, eventually finding his way onto the Colts roster 1999, and starting in 2000 became the team’s starting center through 2011.  He was deemed to be too small for power Nose Tackles. However he proved with hard work, intelligence, and determination that the critics were wrong and created a great career and stability at the center position for the Colts during the “Manning Years”. 

Jeff should be the definition of what constitutes ” Ring of Honor” inductions, and the Colts showed him the love that he deserves and I’m sure you won’t find many fans that disagree.


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