Let’s Get Real For A Moment

So for the last few years we here at True Blue Fans have prided ourselves on trying to keep you up to date with what is going on around our favorite NFL team. From time to time there is something that one of us feels needs addressed and we have created a platform that we can use to help others have their voice heard. This is one of those times.  Now before I go any further if this article upsets anyone or makes someone feel uncomfortable I do apologize but this is something that is hitting close to home for myself and Cari, our other co-founder. This needs to be addressed and I am going to take the time to get information out that needs to be out there everyone to see. Now let’s get real for a moment.

I’m not sure if everyone is aware but heroin has become a huge epidemic in the United States and that rings very true here in Hamilton County, Indiana. Yes the rich county in the state of Indiana has a terrible drug problem just like everywhere else. So many young lives have been taken far to early as they either are fighting to get over their addiction or they just did not have a good enough support system to help get through the rough times that follow giving up on any drug. Now before you think I’m singling out Hamilton County, this is an issue for everyone living in the United States. Yes the heroin problem is bigger in some places and in Indiana it’s huge.

I work as a corrections professional, electronic monitoring/case manager to be exact. I see this problem daily and I see that there are not many options out there for people who need some place to go to detox or some place to go that is safe if they have already detoxed and need a clean place to live while they get on their feet. Hell there isn’t even a good place to go for support to start their road to recovery. So recently I was introduced to a group called Hope Overcoming Heroin (Hope Over Heroin) and I have to say this group is doing everything they can in the area we live in and trying to expand this into multiple areas. They have a plan but need someone to listen. Hope Over Heroin needs people to help them fight to get some real changes made. The “hope” is that if changes can be made here they can be made everywhere.

This group is heading a fight for the lives of people they don’t even know. Yes some of these people have felt the sting of what can ultimately happen to someone if they have no where to go and hit rock bottom. Let me tell you that when you hit rock bottom with heroin it’s deadly. The people in this group genuinely want to help people get through this rough patch and get to the light at the end of the tunnel. The people in this group want nothing more to help eradicate this drug from our local streets and reach further out to do the same somewhere else.

Right now the group is self supporting but looking to build on what they have started with grants and donations. Their ultimate goal is to open an emergency crisis center where someone who needs immediate help can get it. This is something that not many places have. I know what you’re thinking. There are rehab centers everywhere and you should be able to find a meeting just about any time. Let me pass something along to the people who aren’t aware. Rehab centers cost money to get into and many time there people who need it can’t get into because they can’t afford it. Yes they do have meetings for people with addictions but H.O.H. isn’t just about having a meeting. It’s about providing solid counseling while giving someone a forum to speak up and ask for help, or give someone the opportunity to offer help to someone who is need.

I know this is a Colts blog and this sort of thing can be put somewhere else but let me tell you something. The problem of addiction is something that our favorite NFL players fight with almost everyday as well. This problem isn’t a poor people problem or something that can’t/won’t get to the professional level. This group that I openly show my support for may be local to me and not everyone who reads our posts but just look around the next time you’re out in your city or reading your local newspaper and count how many times you hear about someone overdosing on heroin. It will be a staggering number when you really pay attention to it. See we here in Indiana can’t ignore it any longer. It’s something that is staring us in the face daily. You can read the news everyday from South Bend to Evansville and Richmond to Terre Haute and you will find multiple people who have lost their battle with this terrible addiction or something that did something terrible to get money to support their habit. The great people who openly support H.O.H. are fighting to see that this slows and eventually dies down. You can help them.

I have added their web address to the bottom of this page. They also have a closed group on Facebook if someone is looking for support but do not know where to look. If you would like to join us in our fight against this please do. The more fighters these people have backing them, the more changes they can get put in place. If there is no support then there can’t be change. For the people who do live in Hamilton and surrounding counties, H.O.H. is having a charity golf outing on August 2nd, 2015 at Fox Prairie Golf Course. You can go to the web address below to find out to register or you can even sponsor the outing if you would like. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If someone you know needs help please do not push them aside as a “junkie”. Help them up and brush them off. Help them find the help they need to get back on their feet. If you are looking for help but do not know where to turn please know there are people out there who want to take you by the hand and guide to the road to recovery. Thanks again everyone and God Bless.



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