Colts to face Bears

The Colts have made no secret about their attempts to reach the ultimate goal, especially after a tough loss one game away last season.  Changes have been made, some more obvious than others (Reggie not be offered a contract) as well as Chuck Pagano entering a lame duck season with no extension until after the season.  The draft had extra emphasis this offseason  with some glaring holes-most on defense yet the team didn’t seem to let those dictate direction.  So, in offseason
with lots of change, the team announced they would scrimmage with the Bears prior to their Preseason  meeting.

The joint practices scheduled for August 19th and 20th with Bears is significant in that this is a departure for the Colts standard procedure during training camp and preseason.  The teams will play August 22nd in their second preseason game.  The scrimmage is an interesting wrinkle for the organization that has rarely strayed from standard operating procedure.  The practices may not result any significant ramifications, but rather seems to be an indication that change is necessary because the end result has seen the Colts on the losing end to the Patriots.  Irsay has made noise since the team rebooted about seeking more rings instead of putting up “Star Wars” numbers.  Pagano’s contract status has also been rumored to be linked to the team’s success this year (although Irsay has indicated that something could happen before season’s end).

The team seems to be trying different things and maybe that’s the point.  Besides adding the scrimmage the team also put up banner, “2014 AFC Finalist” banner.  Sure it’s great they made it there, problem is, you have to win that game to get the real banner-AFC Champion.  Putting up a banner like that seems like an odd move for a team that has won it all.  A team with little-to-no history would do something like that to get some self esteem, again the team’s goal is to win it all, no to finish runner-up.  The Colts have moved past shenanigans like this.  It’s one thing to have pride, but it’s a whole different thing when your team considers itself-one of the premiere teams. 

The scrimmage seems like a good move to add some extra work and another means to work and improve in the offseason, I like this move.  The banner however as I stated above seems to odd considering the tradition the team always talks and preaches about.  We always hear about the “Colts Way”, putting up a banner like this seems to go against this.  The team has always exuded class, lately though they’ve been labeled “snitches” for notifying the league about “Deflate Gate” and now many in social media are noting the oddness of celebrating a loss that was a complete dismantling in every facet.  I’m excited about the idea by the front office to try doing something different like the scrimmage, however I pass on the banner, just wait for the real one, one that actually means something!


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