Fans Love The Colts Open Mini Camp

The Colts hosted an open mini-camp for the fans and media on Wednesday afternoon. The day started off with on-field activities CHKWoL-UgAA5Yu-for families to participate in and the Colts cheerleaders took time to sign autographs for fans of all ages. The pro shop was bustling with people buying new Colts gear and things to have autographed by the players later on in the day.

Before the players came out on the field they played a montage of last season for everyone which you could tell really got the juices pumping to see some football. After the video they started showing the players and coaching walking around behind the scenes and the crowd roared with happiness. Coach Pagano led the team out and met a wonderful woman named Rita at the tunnel entrance. Rita is stage four cancer and was living out one of her dreams and it turned out to be probably one of the best days of her life. Chuck took the time to talk to her and give her a signed football. Even Pat and Matt Overton found the time to go over and give Rita some words of encouragement before going to talk with the other fans who had come to watch them.

The players were given about 20 minutes to sign autographs and every player took their time to do so. Fans were met with smiles and many thank you’s from the players as they took each item and put their John Hancock on it. They signed everything people put in front of them and even stopped for a moment to take selfies with some of the fans.

CHLfyElUUAAlwlLOnce practice began the crowd became very quiet and watched at they started with positional drills and eventually worked their way to do red zone stuff and working from the 50 yard line. There weren’t a ton of highlights from yesterday but Moncrief made a couple of great catches and Vinatieri was putting them through from 56 yards out. Almost every player seemed to already be in tune with what was going on and all the drill seemed almost seamless.

People that I paid close attention to were Daniel Adongo and Phillip Dorsett. Dorsett did exactly what I think his starting role will be with this team. He was the primary kick returner and played the fourth 20150610_180608wide receiver position. He made the catches he was supposed to make and nothing to spectacular was done by him.

Adongo looked really good though. He looks like he is making the transition to outside linebacker fairly well. His hip movements and his intensity seems there so now it’s just translating all that practice to an actual game. He was on the punt and kickoff teams so it seems he is making steps to get on the field for more defensive snaps.

After all was said and done I spoke to a few people about how they 20150610_175658liked it and they all had great things to say. One gentleman said that he is just glad that football is coming back because he is tired of hearing about LeBron and the Cavs. A woman told me that she is hoping for big things this year and that Mathis comes back healthy. I couldn’t agree more with these two fans.

It was a great time and I do hope that the team continues to do these every year. The fans get a little taste of football in early June but will have to wait until late July/early August before they can see these guys with their own eyes again. I’m just hoping that the time goes quickly and we can get to training camp. Football is almost here everyone. Can you feel it?


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