An AFC Finalist Banner Is Not Needed

So if you haven’t heard the Colts have hung an AFC Finalist Banner in the rafters of Lucas Oil Stadium. This would be from the horrendous game the Colts played last year in Foxboro, MA and also mark the year of DeflateGate. This is a game that needs to be forgotten as quickly as possible, even though I know it won’t be. So why would the Colts brass choose to have a banner made in remembrance of such a moment in time? I have a few suspicions as to why. 

My first thought is that the front office has hung it there to have everyone that comes to Lucas Oil Stadium remember that the Colts were one step away from their third Super Bowl since moving to Indianapolis. However, why would they want people to remember that? Why would the Colts front office want their fans remembering how badly their favorite team played at the worst time? Why would they want fans always remembering that the Colts got their butts handed to them on a silver platter by the most hated NFL team in the NFL by every Colts fan alive? It doesn’t make much sense to me either.

My second thought is that the front office and the organization in general want this as a reminder to know they made it to the doorstep of the biggest football game in the world and got kicked around like a can in the streets of New York City. Maybe they want this team to always look up and see how far they had gone only to fall very short of their goal. Maybe they want this team to look up and use that as motivation for this team and future teams to know how bad that feeling is and never want to feel that again. Still this doesn’t make sense. Everyone in the free world knows that the Patriots kicked the hell out of the Colts, even if they cheated for one half, and will always remember that when the two teams play each other.

Whatever the case may be there is no need for an AFC Finalist banner in the rafters of Lucas Oil Stadium. There is no need to remind the players and fans that they made it that far in 2014-15 because we will all remember they made it and what happened when they got there. If there is a player on this team that doesn’t have the drive to do much better than they did in January this past season then they do not need a roster spot on this team. That goes for any of the new players joining the team this year. They know what happened and they should want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

No plea from the fans or media types will get the Colts organization to pull that down from the rafters so we can all complain all we want or we can choose to ignore that it’s there whenever we walked into LOS. The organization has made up their minds and the only thing that might change that is for this year to win the AFC Championship and replace that banner with the acknowledgement that this team made it to the Super Bowl. Hell while their at it they can make room for another Super Bowl banner to be hung next to the other one. That’s what I think we should all do. We can express our opinions like I am right now and then choose to ignore that it’s there. Just like that creepy uncle we all choose to ignore at family functions or the smelly cousin that sits to close to you. You ignore it and it’s like it’s not even really there. What say you Colts Nation?


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