2015 OTA’s Offer Chance For Unknowns And Forgottens To Shine

colts-practice2The Colts began their first set of OTA’s today. These are voluntary workouts but can be very valuable to any new face on the Colts roster. The teams can now run drills without live contact. There are no pads just running and familiarizing themselves with the playbook and their new coaches.

This is the time where the new faces can start to shine or lose some of their luster. Of course not a lot of stock can be put into these first workouts but they shouldn’t be overlooked entirely. The rookies just finished their min-camp and now get the chance to get out there with their veteran counterparts and get acclimated as quickly as possible. This is the time for those undrafted rookie free agents to show the coaching staff what they can do. Yes it’s just in shorts and a t-shirt but they can still display their skills.

This is also a time for a guy like Vick Ballard to start putting in as much work as he can. Ballard was recently interviewed by the Indy Star and he stated that people have forgotten about him. He isn’t wrong by any stretch. Many people have forgotten about him because he hasn’t played a game in very long time. Guys like Boom Herron and Zurlon Tipton took the chance to step up. Now the Colts have Gore and Robinson to add to that mix. Ballard has to take every chance he gets to make sure the coaching staff doesn’t forget his name. He won’t be pushing for a lot of meaningful carries but he knows this is for a regular season roster spot. The rest will works itself out.

From now through training camp I have a list of names that I will be keeping an eye on and it all begins today with OTA’s. Here is my list:

WR Phillip Dorsett
RB Josh Robinson
SS Robert Smith
OG Ben Hennan
DL Henry Anderson
ILB Nate Irving
RB Vick Ballard

Those are just a few of course but those guys have a lot of work to do to prove many people wrong. The season seems like it’s just around the corner but there is a lot of work ahead of this team. There are some lofty expectations that are being set for this team and they must come together now to achieve them.


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