True Blue Interview With Robert Smith

SmithWe here at TBF love to pass along information about players and coaches to you all. We love trying to keep you updated as things come along and we love to share stories that make you love the Colts just a little more. Last week we were happy to share with you our interview with linebacker Cody Galea. This week we will stay on the defensive side of the ball in our interview with strong safety Robert Smith.

Smith is another undrafted free agent out of Clemson. Like Galea he has a nose for the ball and has great tackling skills. He is my diamond in the rough pick for this season. Zach Kerr was it last year and if Smith can play like Kerr did last year he could challenge Lowry for playing time this year. So here it is, the interview with Robert Smith, enjoy!!

TBF: You’re from South Carolina. Were you born and raised there or did you move there?
Smith: I was born and raised in a small town call St. George, SC about 35 minutes north of Charlestown, SC.
TBF: You were a quarterback in high school. When you were being recruited by colleges was it only for the safety position or were there some seeking you out to be a quarterback for them?
Smith: Early in my high school career I was receiving a lot of interest to play quarterback in college but later in my career, mostly due to my height, everyone mostly wanted me to play safety. I had about 5 school between D1 and D2 offered me to play quarterback. I knew if I wanted to play at the next level I had to do what was best for me and make the position switch even though I never played the position until I got to college.
TBF: Besides Clemson, what other schools were on your short list before you committed?
Smith: Really it only came down to Clemson. Clemson recruited me since the 9th grade and ever since them I knew it was the school I wanted to go all along. I believed in what Coach Swinney was doing around Clemson. I’m a commitment type of guy and I give my all toward one team and do the best I can do to help in any kind of way.
TBF: So during your time at Clemson you became the “quarterback” of the secondary. What was it like to have those guys looking to you in times of need?
Smith: It was good to have other guys look up to me. We had a young secondary so it was important for me to lead by example. I pride myself on leading by example. You don’t always have to be the oldest for people to notice your leadership. I’ve always pride myself to do everything like a pro before you become a pro so when you become a pro you act like a pro. I’ve always been the guy who went the extra mile.  Everyone in the secondary knew I was going to always be in the right place at the right time and I was going to know my responsibilities and be accountable.
TBF: Alright, I think every Colts fan has watched it by now. Tell us your side of the story on the hit during the Wake Forest game where you were ejected for targeting? Looked clean to me.
Smith: Well I’m pretty sure everyone has seen the Wake Forest hit and I’m asked about it all the time. I thought I made a good clean hit. Those the kind of hits that you were taught to make when you first start playing football. I feel like those hits are what made football so unique and exciting. 4 years ago that hit probably would of been considered one of the bests hits of the year. Now it would probably just be used by college officials to show others how not to tackle. Never was I intentionally trying to hurt him. I was trying to make a great play. That’s why we have officials though they regulate the game and make the calls and the official flagged me for targeting and I just had to deal with it. Calls don’t always go your way but it’s just like life you just have to move on.
TBF: So who was the person that contacted to let you know the Colts wanted to bring you in?
Smith:  The area scout Ahmad Russell contacted me like 3 days before the draft. I’ve heard that the Colts were interested in me during the season and I actually saw him watching me at practice one day. When he called before the draft I told him that I’ve been watching the Colts on film through YouTube because I knew it was a team that was interested. I was just trying to to get a idea of the integrity of the defense. I got the call probably 5 mins after the draft that the Colts wanted to sign me to a free agent contract.
TBF:  What are your other interests beside football?
Smith: Besides football I like to box, fish, watch movies and travel.
TBF: You have already graduated with a health science degree. What are/were your plans for that?
Smith: With my degree I plan on pursuing  a career in physical therapy once my football career has ended.
TBF: Are you hoping to strong or free safety in the NFL?
Smith: It doesn’t matter if I play strong or free safety I’ve played both at Clemson and I’ll do whatever the teams need me to play.  Can play both so I’ll try to learn both just like I did at Clemson.
TBF: Have any of the Colts players contacted you?
Smith:  No players have contacted me beside Dwayne Allen who played at Clemson. We had a good relationship at Clemson and he was one of the guys to put me under his wings when I first got to college. But I’ve trained with Phillip Dorset down in Florida for the combine and pro-day.
TBF: Have you ever been to Indianapolis? If not, what are you expecting?
Smith: I’ve never been to Indianapolis but from what I’ve heard it’s a great city. I’m looking forward to all the fans that are around and help contribute to the Colts organization and to continue to keep them proud of a great organization.
TBF: Which player(s) are you looking forward to playing/against on the Colts roster?
Smith: I’m looking forward to playing with everyone on the team. It’s going to take all of us to hoist the Lombardi trophy at the end of the season. I’m looking forward to playing against everyone. It’s a blessing to play in the NFL but I have to say to face Peyton Manning would be crazy.
TBF: The floor is your now, what else would you like Colts Nation to know about you?
Smith: The Colts fans expect me to give it my all. You can ask anyone who ever encountered me and they can tell you I’m a hard worker and dedicated to my craft. I treat every down like it’s my last every time I’m on the field.  A guy who’s going to lay it all on the line. Oh yeah they can also expect some big hits!
We here at TBF want to thank Robert again for taking the time and letting us all get to know him a little more. After reading some of these responses it’s going to be hard not to root for him during the offseason and we all hope he does well here in Indy.

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