True Blue Interview with Cody Galea

Cody+Galea+San+Diego+State+v+UNLV+zq6wVlaruAelWith the draft behind us now it’s time to look forward to OTA’s, mini camps and training camp. The Colts had a pretty good draft this year adding talent to both sides of the ball. They filled some holes and added players that weren’t needed but could be very useful when the regular season comes.

After the draft is an exciting time as well. Many of the players that were hoping to be drafted get a second chance of latching on with a team as an undrafted free agent. The Colts did great in the signings the nabbed in the UDFA market. Cody Galea is one of those signings. He is a linebacker from San Diego State University who has versatility which the Colts love to have on their defense. With a  frame of 6’2 and close to 250 lbs, Cody could land himself as an OLB or possibly as an inside linebacker in Indy.

We had the pleasure of being able to do an interview with Cody over the weekend and I think you all will want to root for this guy to land a roster spot or at least stick with the Colts practice squad. He has a great nose for the ball and lays the wood when hitting the ball carrier. So without further ado here is the TBF interview with Cody Galea, enjoy!!

TBF: You were born and raised in California but whereabouts did you grow up?

C.G.: I was born in Upland, Ca. but grew up in Rancho Cucamonga until I was 10 years old. Then my family moved to Sacramento Ca. which is where I went to high school and lived until I went to college.

TBF: I found that you had offers from Amy and Nevada coming out of high school. Why did you choose San Diego State?

C.G.: I ultimately picked SDSU because I wanted to go back to southern California. Plus I really like the campus, coaches and players that made up the team. There was something about the program that was about to take off and start being successful and I wanted to be apart of that. Also my great uncle was an Aztec in 68′ and 69′ so that helped my decision as well.

TBF: Does your family still live in Sacramento and do you have any siblings?

C.G.: My family does still live in Sacramento and I am an only child.

TBF:  You started off as a defensive end. Why the change to linebacker in your senior year?

C.G.: I was a middle linebacker my entire life all the way through high school. When I got on campus there was a need for defensive ends so they used me to fill that need. My senior year there was an opportunity for Coach Long to move me back to linebackers so we made that happen.

TBF: So who called you after the draft to offer you a spot in Indy?

C.G.: My agent had been going back and forth with linebacker coach Jeff Fitzgerald from Friday night until the end of the draft to offer me a spot.

TBF: How did you react and how did your family react?

C.G.: I had the worst anxiety all day and getting that phone call was the biggest feeling of relief, joy and pure excitement.

TBF: Other than smashing running backs and quarterbacks, what else do you enjoy doing?

C.G.: Well obviously being from California I enjoy working out, going to the beach and boating on the river, just to name a few.

TBF: You said you have never been to Indianapolis before so what are your expectations?

C.G.: I have never been before but I’ve been told that there’s a reason it’s called the racing capital of the world. So I’m expecting to see a lot of stuff pertaining to racing.

TBF: What number are you planning to wear for the Colts? Does your number mean something to you?

C. G.: I’m probably just going to wear whatever number is given to me. I do care about what number I wear, but I have some work to do before I get to pick and choose what I wear.

TBF: I saw you are a criminal justice major at San Diego State. It’s always nice to talk to a fellow crim. major. What are your plans for that degree if the NFL doesn’t work out?

C. G.: I ‘ve thought about that a little bit like may going to be a cop or becoming a federal agent. But that’s something I’m going to have to re-evaluate.

TBF: Who are you most looking forward to working with/playing with once you get to Indy?

C.G.: I’m actually really excited to get the opportunity to team with fellow SDSU alums Vincent Brown and Lance Louis.

TBF: Have any of the players on the Colts reached out yet?

C.G.:  Vincent Brown sent me a congratulatory text after the draft and is excited for me and Ezell Ruffin to get out there this week.

TBF: So the floor is yours Cody. What else would you like all of Colts Nation to know about you?

C.G.: Along with my criminal justice major, I also earned a minor in theater arts while at San Diego State. It seems as if people always get a kick out of that fact. Other than that I like to be pretty humble and I try not to brag about anything too much.

We here at TBF want to thank Cody for taking the time for us in what surely is the busiest time of his life. We will be keeping a close eye on him and wish him the best of luck.




One response to “True Blue Interview with Cody Galea

  1. congratulations Cody! Your aunt Dorothy has been keeping me posted of your status for the past year. We are huge San Diego Charger fans and know you played for San Diego state. We will continue to follow your football career. Good luck to you and God bless!

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