Draft 2015: Day 3


The 2015 NFL Draft is now complete which saw many teams drafting the majority of class in day three.  The Colts finished the draft on day two by selecting a player on defense and many analysts expected the team to continue the trend.  Here’s a recap of what they did.

Round 4:  Clayton Geathers (109), safety, UCF.  This was one of the biggest needs coming into the draft as the team is relying on veterans to Mike Adams, and the newly signed Dwight Lowery to be the team’s the last line of defense.  Geathers will most likely not be expected to make an immediate impact, but if he shows enough improvement by season’s end, he could be finding more playing time

Round 5: David Parry (151), defensive tackle, Stanford.  Grigson and Pagano seem to like players coming from Stanford, and this also meets the need to help shore up the run defense.  Parry will most likely find his way in through a rotation of players.  If Parry can show something along the way, he could easily jump those playing ahead of him.

Round 6:  Josh Robinson (205), running back, Mississippi State.  This pick is reminiscent of their 2012 pick of Vick Ballard, who also played at Mississippi State along with Robinson. The starting running back will be Frank Gore, followed by Dan Herron and hopefully a fully recovered Ballard, but Robinson will most likely have to earn his keep on special teams and wait for an injury, but could be someone to watch down the road.

Round 6:  Amarlo Herrera (207) inside linebacker, Georgia.  A couple things that stand out on this one is Herrera comes from an SEC school and the Colts always need linebackers, so it becomes a natural fit.  I wouldn’t expect him to make a huge ripple, but because of the need on the team, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him on the roster.

Round 7:  Denzelle Good (255) Mars Hill University.  This is one of those picks where the team is throwing a dart and hoping it lands on the target.  Good comes from a small school, and at this point is a project.  His size is his draw, and if he can improve through the practice squad (his likely destination) then he might have a chance to crack the roster in a fill-in role.

Look for our detailed player grades and breakdowns coming soon from truebluefans.


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