Are the Colts Better? (Post-Draft)


Some fans may argue that it is just as exciting as the games-the NFL Draft has completed and depending upon how your favorite team (in our case, the Colts) picked you are either excited or frustrated.  Looking at our new group of players, I’m still trying to figure out where I stand.  I usually come to an immediate conclusion after a draft, but after looking at all the names, I guess I’m solidly in the “Meh” category.  Maybe that means it’s neither good or bad, just mediocre.

I think we often build too much in terms of expectations into the draft, as the time leading up to it is considered a dead period and many fans look to it as a way to stay connected.  Movies like Draft Day tend to paint it in a glamorous picture, and as the case to this year’s draft, it was quite devoid of any excitement.

The Colts demonstrated their own excitement by going totally off the grid and picking Phillip Dorsett with their first pick.  The Colts need another receiver like Indy needs more attention concerning the recent religious freedom act.  Dorsett may be a future star, but most found it hard to believe that he was the best player available on the board considering Malcolm Brown, DT went to the Patriots 3 picks afterwards, many who thought he was about the fifteenth best player in the draft.

I like Dorsett, and it seems by all indications that he will become the primary kickoff returner and maybe a playmaking receiver in a few years, but for the time-being, he doesn’t seem to add value unless he is able to return some kicks for touchdowns.  I guess that is where the disconnect is with the fans.  The front office may have the perfect plan executed, but it looks odd when examining the needs that were perceived to be actual needs. They may have plans tucked up their sleeve, and it might explain moves like this.

They did add several players to their defense with the following players drafted:

D’Joun Smith, cornerback
Henry Anderson, defensive end
Clayton Geathers, safety
David Parry, defensive tackle
Amarlo Herrera, inside linebacker

It’s really hard to say who might develop out of this batch, but the one that might come in and help improve the fastest is Henry Anderson and David Parry. Both have a chance to come into a big area of need and provide the team with players that will be as good if not better than the current first-stringers. The others will either becoming into areas with a log jam of players or the player may need time to develop, thereby not having a meanigful impact.

On offense:

Phillip Dorsett, wide receiver
Josh Robinson, running back
Denzelle Good, offensive line

As much as the pick seemed odd, Dorsett might make the biggest impact of this batch. Dorsett has been named the kick returner already (especially since Josh Cribbs was released) which gives him plenty of opportunity to make the biggest impact of the offensive players selected. Josh Robinson is an intriguing prospect, he doesn’t have great size or breakout speed-but he is considered a hard runner with comparisons being made to Maurice Jones-Drew.

So it seems that two players might be able to contribute (Dorsett and Anderson) right away and the rest will have to battle numbers or develop through practice, but a few more might be able surprise (Parry and Robinson). Therefore, it seems that the Colts will be better, maybe not significantly better but better nonetheless.

Final Draft Grade B-


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