Draft 2015: Day 1 & 2


The NFL Draft kicked off in Chicago with little excitement in the first round, especially at the top with Winston and Mariotta going to the teams most had predicted prior to the draft.  Also, the first round offered little in terms of excitement, no major moves.  So, being a Colts-centered blog, where does our team come into play?  Here is a recap what transpired.

Round 1 for the Colts had the team picking near the bottom (29th).  Many experts, analysts, pundits were expecting the team to go strong in terms of acquiring defensive talent.  As ESPN’s Lee Coro says, “Not so fast my friends”, the team went in a direction not many saw coming.  The Colts selected wide receiver, Phillip Dorsett out of Miami, you know the same place Reggie and new Colt, Andre Johnson played college ball at.  The pick seemed odd due to the perceived crowded group of there: Hilton, Johnson, Moncrief, Carter, Brown, Whalen,  and now Dorsett.  The G.M. addressed the media after the pick stating that they “took the best player available” on their board and that he was a “Horseshoe Guy”.  Pagano and Grigson said that they had plenty of picks to address their defensive issues.

Round 2 had the Colts scheduled at pick (61st, 2nd round), but the team traded spots with Tampa Bay (65th-3rd round) and flipped fourth round spots (128 & 109, with the Colts moving up to 109).  So the Colts drafted cornerback, D’Joun Smith (61) out of Florida Atlantic. With their second pick in Round 3 (109) the Colts drafted defensive end, Henry Anderson from Stanford.

We will breaking down each player and giving our thoughts once the draft is complete.


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