Colts Punt Cribbs


Return specialist, Josh Cribbs has seemingly played his last game for the horseshoe after the team released him.  With their newest first-round draft pick Phillip Dorsett in the stable, the aging Cribbs became expendable.  Dorsett, a somewhat controversial pick (another receiver in a crowded platoon) seemingly will use his blazing speed 4.33 40 on special teams as the team’s defacto returner. 

Cribbs tenure with the Colts was short and proved to be a mixed bag in terms of success.  At various points he showed some flashes of his once feared game-breaking return abilities, while also making some very questionable decisions in terms of deciding when to return and when not to.  He also seemed to have some issues holding onto the ball.  With all that being said, Cribbs was the best return solution the team has had for a long time, even if father time had finally caught up with him and his skills had diminished somewhat.

2015 (6 Games with the Colts)

19 Kickoff Returns-608 yds, 32 yds avg.
19 Punt Returns-125 yds. 6.5 yds avg.


Dorsett will cut his teeth doing returns and maybe some special plays that will utilize his speed and athleticism. Also the team will bring him along slowly depending upon how things play out at wide receiver, maybe some opportunities sprinkled in a-la Moncrief last season.


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