What’s Wrong With Being A Blogger?

So we have been around now for three years now giving our readers news on the Colts. I started this blog as way to connect with other Colts fans and to have a hobby that I had a lot of interest in. I attempted to write for a couple of other sites but they didn’t work out for me so I started my own.

In that three years we have grown and fallen and are rebuilding again. That’s all due to the readers and the articles we have produced on this site. So I will pose the question again; What’s wrong with being a blogger? Why is it difficult for certain circles to take what we have to say or write as serious as your local newspaper reporter?

If you think I have the answer you’re way off. I have no clue. I read tons of article written by bloggers and professional writers every day. I like to see the different viewpoints each person has on any given subject. I have found though the many of the bloggers have a more unedited view. Simply put, we can say what others can’t or don’t want to say. Before someone says that I believe my opinion is more important than Bob Kravitz, Stephen Holder or any other columnist or reporter, you’re once again way off base. Those people work at this daily and have crafted their art and have made the necessary sacrifices to get to where they are today.

However I will say this, there are bloggers out there that work at their craft every day as well and are just happy to get 10 readers and one comment a month. That makes them feel that they are doing a good job. If any of the bigger names didn’t have the following they have collected would they be where they are now?

Brad Wells, yes I know we all hate Wells, opened a door for bloggers in this city. We have all tried to mimic the steps he took to get where he was before he walked away from the game. We all fight for readers and push our articles to every known source we can post them. We want people to read so we can get a bigger following than the next guy.

I started this as a hobby which grew into wanting to rival Colts Authority or Stampede Blue. Now three years later I want to rebuild and have the following and just continue to put out good articles that people like and join the conversations that interest me. So what’s wrong with being a blogger? Not a damn thing. Guys like Dan Dakich may never like listen to what a blogger has to say because he doesn’t view us as credible sources. In some ways he is right but that doesn’t mean we don’t know what we are talking about. I may not have the fancy passes that get me into the Colts locker room or on the field for interviews during training camp but that doesn’t stop me from being out there trying to cover it from a perspective that I feel some of the bigger names have forgotten, the fans perspective.

Guys like Kyle Rodriguez, Josh Wilson, Jake Arthur, Brian North, The Blue Mare “Heather”,  and others work their butts off to get the notoriety that they deserve. For many of us this isn’t our job. Sure it may bring some fringe benefits from time to time and it could turn to be a new profession for some but that’s not the case for many. For the rest of us that will continue to do this whether the masses like it or not I want to speak for all of us and say thank you for reading our stuff and supporting what we do. The higher ups may not do that but we don’t do this for the people up at Emmis Worldwide or for any major media outlet to notice us. We do this because it’s what we love to do. So thank you for everything and for all my fellow bloggers out there, keep your head up and fingers typing. We may not be major media but we bring what they can’t bring to everyone, a fresh perspective in an unedited way.



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