What Does Lowery Bring To Indy?

LoweryEveryone and their brother have been calling for the Colts sign another free agent safety to play alongside Mike Adams. The problem was that the crop wasn’t that strong and the same can be said for the incoming draft class. Adams played out of his mind last season and Ryan Grigson is hoping to hit another homerun with signing Dwight Lowery.

Lowery is considered a journeyman so far in his career having playing for the Jets, Jaguars and the Falcons before landing in Indy. So what does he bring to Indy? That’s a simple answer, experience. Lowery was drafted in 2008 and has produced steadily no matter where he has played. His seasons were cut short in 2012 and 2013 due to injury but he seemed to bounce back okay this past season in Atlanta.

This past season he had a total of 79 tackles (Solo and Assist combined), two interceptions and two forced fumbles. The only question mark I have for Lowery is how well he plays the run. I know he had a positive grade for PFF but that doesn’t show me anything. My question is can he or is he willing to stick his nose in the crowd to help keep runs at three yards or less? I have watched a little film on him and he seems to not shy away from contact which is what the Colts need out of him. We already know he is a great cover safety and will be a great versatile piece if Adams goes down during the season. He can also be a kick returner if needed.

All questions won’t be answered until they strap on the pads and get to doing what they love. Until then I will gladly welcome Mr. Lowery to Indianapolis and I do look forward to seeing him in action.


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