Colts Seven Round Mock Draft 4.0

We are now just a month away from the NFL draft. NFL analysts are tarttpreparing and sharing information and bloggers like myself are doing their best to keep up. The Colts, like many other teams, received a compensatory pick in the seventh round for the Chiefs signing Jeff Linkenbach. Does the extra pick in the seventh round really help? Of course it does. Many past NFL stars have been found in the later rounds and if Grigson wants to stick around he is going to have to be digging in this draft.

This is my next to last mock draft. I will post my final mock draft a week before the draft is to begin in Chicago. Enjoy my latest Colts mock draft.

Round 1: Pick 29- Jordan Phillips, DT (Oklahoma)

I still cannot shy away from going nose tackle here. It’s a huge area of need. There are some out there who think the Colts should go best player available but I feel that this pick should go towards need. Phillips still fills a void that Grigson was not able to take care of so far in free agency.

Round 2: Pick 61- Jaquiski Tartt, SS (Samford)

Tartt is a fast-riser. I had him going to the Colts in the third round in my last mock but he is a talent that the Colts need to reach for in the second round. He has a late second to early third round grade as of now and has impressed many of the NFL scouts and general managers. Tartt is quite possibly Kam Chancellor 2.0. He is big, physical and very fast. He is exactly what the Colts need and they will have someone they can build with on the defense instead of just plugging a guy in there to fill a hole for now.  If Tartt is available in the second round for the Colts then they need to jump at the chance.

Round 3: Pick 93- Jeremy Langford, RB (Michigan State)

This is the same spot I had Langford before and I won’t move him. Many of the running backs that are worth a pick are going to go in the first three rounds. Langford will benefit greatly be working behind one of the best power backs in the last 10 years. He won’t get a ton of work this year but if something were to happen to Gore or Herron he would be more than capable to step in and take over the starting role.

Round 4: Pick 128- Kenny Bell, WR (Nebraska)

The Colts are going to need another receiver. Bell is someone who can be the fourth receiver in a five-wide set. Bell has length and speed. His hands can turn to stone at times but is still very reliable. Adding him would be a good insurance player if Carter doesn’t pan out or Johnson decides after this season to hang up the cleats.

Round 5: Pick 165- Lynden Trail, OLB (Norfolk State)

Trail is a phenomenal athlete with amazing size and speed. He is still a little raw and needs time to work but can acclimate himself with the NFL via special teams and trash time in blow out games. Allowing him and Newsome to work with Trent Cole and Mathis would be amazing. That won’t ensure another reign of terror once the vets hang them up but it will give the Colts a piece of mind that they may have their successors in place.

Round 6: Pick 204- Max Garcia, OL (Florida)

Garcia is someone who can add depth to the offensive line. A man who can play any position inside is something that Colts have always had and now really lack. Holmes can play guard but is a true center. Garcia can play either one successfully.  He may even push for the starting center spot.

Round 6: Pick 206- Kurtis Drummond, S (Michigan State)

Drummond can play either safety position. He is a better fit for strong safety but can still fill in a free safety if needed. Drummond’s stock has fallen over the last couple of weeks and if available in the sixth round this late it would be foolish not to jump at him.

Round 7: Pick 244- Kyle Emanuel, OLB (North Dakota State)

This guy impressed me at the combine. You can see in his eyes that he loves to put in the work and will not give up until there is nothing left to give. He has good size, 6’3 and 255lbs, and has speed to give. His downside is that he played at a small school that didn’t see a ton of competition. He will need time and putting this guy on special teams will allow himself to get used to the talent in the NFL before he starts pushing for defensive snaps.

Round 7: Pick 255- Tyrus Thompson, OT (Oklahoma)

Thompson is a big specimen and has the talent to play in the NFL at a high level. The downfall is that at times he gives up on plays and doesn’t like to put full effort into his blocks when the play runs away from him. He could use some seasoning for sure and with Reitz coming back there would be no real big rush to get him on the field. Could be a great pick up if he can get his head out of his butt.


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