T-Rich Gone and Colts Odds & Ends…


On Thursday the Colts parted ways with Trent Richardson after two disappointing seasons in Indianapolis.  Richardson finished his stint with the team compiling one of the worst yard per carry averages for a starting running back, finishing with 3.1 yards per carry.  Richardson never seemed to find much of anything in his time with the team.  The GM, Ryan Grigson gave up a first-round draft pick for him which Cleveland flipped into their Johnny Manziel pick (I guess it’s sort of even).  The Colts were able to void the last year of his contract worth $3.184 million dollars due to contract language resulting from his suspension last season.  The relationship soured late last season when it seemingly became obvious that front office had lost faith in him, as a result of his missing weight and also his failure to make a team walk-through prior to it’s AFC Championship game against New England.  Richardson has reportedly filed a grievance against the team for reasons that he believes is unfair.

Many of the circumstances that lead to his tenure coming to end is squarely placed on his shoulders, yet Grigson and the team share some of the responsibility for the failure.  Many observers of the team felt from the beginning that move was not necessary and cost way too much for Richardson’s abilities.  Cleveland was willing to ship him out of town rather easily, that probably should have sent up major red flags.  This was one of those moves that ends up looking bad for both parties.  The Colts are left with egg on their face from the move and Richardson now must prove that he isn’t the bust that many will remember him as in Indy.  T-Rich never seemed to find his sea legs in Indianapolis, even after completing a full off season of workouts with the team.  I thought maybe the off season would do him good, but after watching the first game it became very obvious that nothing had changed.  He was largely ineffective in his time and as a result become almost toxic among fans.  T-Rich is done and now Gore will be carrying the load for the team.

Speaking of Gore and the other signings, the Vegas handicappers have made the Colts 5-1 favorites for the landing in the Super Bowl.  The additions of Gore and Johnson have largely been looked favorably by most, but some are questioning if it’s worth the Colts suddenly getting older by bringing in the veterans.  Johnson and Gore both feel the Colts have much going in their direction and now many are expecting this team to land in the big game.  The Colts still have a window open to make a run at a championship before having to pay Luck, Hilton, and many other rookies coming due.  The team seems to be well aware of this and the recent move indicate that now is the time to make a run after coming up short last season.  Gore should provide Luck a threat that defenses will have to take seriously, and Johnson should force teams into making difficult coverage decisions.  Sure, neither are young, but  both still have some solid football left to play.

With the additions of Herremans, Langford, and Cole, the Colts added much to their missing puzzles pieces, leaving the draft to help in some the missing categories.  The draft will help shore up some of the perceived short comings, and much more work is needed before the start of the season, but the team seems very focused on the ultimate goal, the Lomabardi Trophy.  It finally seems the team has a legitimate threat in the running game for the first time in a very long time!


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