2015 Colts Draft Preview: Nose Tackle

Danny-Shelton-Washington-Steelers-2015-DraftSo I don’t think it’s a secret now that the Colts must focus on defense via the draft with adding a few good free agents this offseason.  I have said it before and I will say it again, if the Colts don’t use their first two picks on defense then this draft could be a bust.  Grigson has to realize that he needs to stop being a Madden general manager and find guys in the draft that can grow with the team and the scheme.  If he does go after lackluster free agents on defense and only focuses on the offense in the draft then he may be out of a job come this time next year.

In my last draft preview I took a look a OLB/Rush OLB as that is another key position that the Colts have to get better in.  Newsome grew last season while Werner continues to be a 1st round bust and Walden is still mediocre.  This preview I will take a look at nose tackles who could come in and help the Colts this season instead of someone would could be practice squad material for a  season and then possibly play next year.  Here is the list, enjoy!!

1. Danny Shelton- Nose Tackle (Washington)
Shelton is the best pure nose tackle in this draft class.  He has a big body with great power and good speed.  He plays the position with a big attitude and is the type of guy that requires two blockers to take him on.  Shelton is exactly what the Colts could use.  Chapman can play but hasn’t played the way the Colts had hoped.  Chapman is a good back-up but the Colts need a solid starter in the middle.  Shelton could be that guy.

2. Eddie Goldman-Nose Tackle/Defensive Tackle (Florida State)
Goldman in my peoples eyes is the second best nose tackle in the draft this year.  He is a little smaller than your prototypical nose tackle but has a great skill set to go along with his size.  He is great speed to go along with a great first step.  He has been able to blow by offensive lineman at FSU and is a wrecking machine in the backfield.  Goldman has a better pass rush than Shelton but not nearly the size.  Goldman can require multiple blockers due to his speed and power but can be taken one on one at times.

3. Jordan Phillips-Nose Tackle (Oklahoma)
Phillips a guy that I have seen landing with the Colts in many mock drafts so far this offseason.  Philips is a BIG man and has a lot of power.  He isn’t the quickest thing which could hurt him in filling holes or making two lineman block him.  Tends to play a little high at times but I have seen him realize that in the middle of a play and drop down to where he should be.  Phillips seems like a smart player and has the same kind of attitude Shelton brings to the field.  I wouldn’t be to upset if Shelton was gone and Phillips was still available.

4. Carl Davis-Nose Tackle (Iowa)
Davis is an unknown player.  By that I mean it’s unknown whether he will give you full effort or not on every play. Per walterfootball.com reports came out of the Senior Bowl that during team interviews Davis seemed very entitled.  He even said that he didn’t go hard in practice because he didn’t want to risk injury against scout lineman.  That isn’t an NFL attitude and that could hurt his draft stock a lot.  However when he does play he is a human wrecking ball.   He knows how to use his big frame to his advantage and has great power.  This would be a guy you would pick up but immediately put him with a respected veteran to make sure he grows up and doesn’t pull those stunts in the NFL.



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