Do the Colts Have an Image Problem?


The hits may done on the field, but they keep coming off the field for a team that once prided itself in being squeaky clean.  The latest to find themselves on the wrong-side of the law, is Ahmad Bradshaw.  Bradshaw has been cited for Marijuana possession as well as a traffic violation.  I understand that “Mary Jane” may not be the worst thing in the world, but when you’re a star athlete you should probably think twice about getting behind the wheel if you’re under the influence. Bradshaw really hasn’t ever been a distraction, in fact he’s been a model player in the locker room.

Add this to totality of events and a bigger picture seems to be emerging, one that shows that the front office seems to be bringing in players who may be off other teams lists, due to their screening process. Andrew Jackson (DUI, second arrest this year), Josh McNary (charged with sexual assualt), D’Qwell Jackson (assualting a pizza delivery driver-simple assualt), Da’Rick Rogers (cut after DUI arrest in September), Trent Richardson (suspended for actions detrimental to the team), LaVon Brazill (failed substance abuse policy multiple times), LaRon Landry (PED’s), Robert Mathis (PED’s-Seems to have genuine excuse) Chris Rainy (cut for undisclosed action), John Boyett (drafted in 2013, arrested for assualt & intoxication, then released), Joe Lefeged (cut in 2012 after being arrested for unregistered gun in a traffic stop), and don’t forget Irsay ultimately pleading guilty to OWI. That’s a long list but more troubling is the latest string of arrests.

Everyone loves the Chuck Strong story, but it seems like it’s time for him to put some “Strong” back in Chuck. Say what you will about Dungy, and Caldwell’s low key approach but they didn’t put up with knuckleheads. Grigson is also not scott-free in this, as he has opened up the pool of potential players that may have been passed over by others. I get that in the 2012 season he needed talent in a bad way and he may have started taking a little less strigent approach to acquiring players. Now he needs to reexamine that approach. Don’t forget the Colts recently added troubled but talented wide receiver, Duron Carter from the CFL. I also weigh that most of the players come in and do their jobs and there are many stand out guys like: Matt Overton, Pat McAfee, Adam Vinatieri, Dwayne Allen, Reggie Wayne, and of course Andrew Luck. Maybe this is just a bad run of unfortunate incidents, but it seems like it more about the process the team has gone with in roster building. Alright guys, enough already, let’s nip it in the bud as Barney Fife used to say on the Andy Griffith Show.


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