LaRon, More Like LaGone


If you read any of my write ups about the Colts, you are probably well aware of my feelings about LaRon Landry.  I don’t make it a habit of being a “Hater” but in this case I don’t mind being labeled as such.  This could go down as one of the worst Ryan Grigson signings ever (at least Erik Walden serves some role).  Landry may have been jacked up in all the selfies that you see of him, but his play on the field was just jacked-in a bad sense. Thankfully Grigson saw enough to bail out of the 4 year, 24 million dollar contract, saving the team 2.25 million this year in salary cap relief.  The team was thin at safety the entire season, and his four game suspension for PED’s could have been the nail in the coffin for him.

What do I remember most about him?  Is it whiffs on tackles, or the out of position coverage that lead to his constant state of being burned.  No, these are legitimate gripes about him, but I will always think of me-first attitude and his aloof actions towards his teammates. Whether it was not participating in the voluntary workouts or just acting like he cared, from the moment he arrived in Indy it was about him-not the team. Sergio Brown and Mike Adams proved to be more effective at safety even though neither was starting at safety in the system the previous season. This is one those addition by subtraction cliches that we hear about, only this time it actually is real. LaRon is LaGone, good riddance!


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