Indianapolis Colts Mock Draft 1.1

What is 1.1 all about?  Well I see everyone put 1.0 and I wanted to be different so there.  This is the first of a few different Colts specific mock drafts that will be done on True Blue Fans throughout the offseason leading up to the big day.  As we move through the combine and free agency this will obviously change.

So without further ado, enjoy TBF’s Colts Mock Draft 1.1!!!!

Rd. 1- Jordon Phillips, NT (Oklahoma)
Phillips is a large man.  Standing at 6’6 and 330lbs. he is very quick for his size.  He also has fantastic strength and eats up space along the defensive line.  With his size and quickness he will require a double team a lot of the time and that makes it even better for the blitzing linebackers if Manusky sticks with that philosophy.  The Colts need someone who can hold their own in the middle of the D-Line as Chapman just hasn’t panned out as well as we all had hoped.

Rd. 2-Markus Golden, DE/OLB (Missouri)
Jonathan Newsome played well for a rookie this past season and with Mathis coming off injury the Colts are going to need all the help they can get with pass rush.  Golden has good size, amazing speed and, surprisingly good hands.  He racked up 11 sacks this past season but playing in the Big Ten and getting that many sacks isn’t anything special.  If Mathis can come back and return to 85 percent of his old self then Newsome can rotate with Mathis and Golden can rotate with Werner and Walden.

Rd. 3-Ameer Abdullah, RB (Nebraska)
I know that some people are going to be upset by this pick but face it.  The Colts need another running back that can contribute and possibly be a solid starter.  Herron is serviceable and Tipton is as well.  I don’t think the Colts take another stab at Bradshaw with all the injury history and Trent is flat gone.  Abdullah will make an immediate impact on offense as he is a great receiver out of the backfield.  I will be so bold as to say he reminds me of Dominic Rhodes in what he did for the Colts.  The Colts took two defensive players with the first two picks and now to find help on offense.

Rd. 4-Kurtis Drummond, S (Michigan State)
I swear I don’t have a Big Ten bias.  Drummond is a good safety.  He could potentially play either free or strong safety for the Colts.  We don’t know if Adams will come back or not and Landry should be gone before free agency begins.  Sergio Brown will be resigned but that is the only viable option the Colts have a safety.  Drummond could come in an fight for a starting position.  He didn’t do extremely well at the Senior Bowl but with the combine coming he will want to turn that around.

Rd. 5-Max Garcia, G/C (Florida)
Garcia started out as a guard at Florida and moved to center this season.  He played very well at the center spot.  I feel that he could be a Shipley-ish guy who can play either position.  The fact that the Colts could bring in another former Gator to challenge for the center spot is funny to him as the Gators have produced some quality centers over the years.  I feel drafting Garcia is the best move with this pick so they can get depth at two different positions with one guy.

Rd. 6-Quinten Rollins, CB (Miami-OH)
Rollins would another depth guy.  He was a two sport guy in college, also played basketball, but decided that the NFL and the game of football is where he belongs.  He was the MAC Defensive Player of the Year and had a decent showing at the Senior Bowl.  Reports, per, state that scouts feel he needs to get thicker but playing basketball as well probably did hinder him from gaining weight and muscle mass.  I have seen Rollins coming to the Colts in a couple of mocks and I feel he would fit in well here and could learn a lot from Davis, Toler and Butler.

Rd. 6 (via Seattle)-Bo Wallace, QB (Ole Miss)
The Colts are going to need someone to hold a clipboard and Luck’s water bottle.  Hasselbeck will be done here and they are going to need someone to fill that role.  Now if a guy slides in the draft that you can’t pass on then the Colts could get a QB in the 7th round or grab in the undrafted free agent pool.

Rd. 7-Travis Raciti, DE (San Jose State)
Another depth guy that may not make the team.  Raciti has some talent but would have to be almost amazing to make a team coming out of training camp.  He would be the perfect candidate for the practice squad.



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