What Is A Horseshoe Guy?

How many times have you heard the saying, “Horseshoe Guy” when referring to Colts players past, present or future? So many you want to gag when you hear the statement right? This is a real thing though. I wanted to take a moment and define what I think the “Horseshoe Guy” really is. These men are Colts players who play this child’s game cleanly and without issues, off the field or on. They are community men and they are what we want our sons and daughters to look up as role models. That’s what I think a “Horseshoe Guy” means.

That isn’t what we have today.

Since Tony Dungy turned this team into a respected group of men and Jim Caldwell did his best to maintain that we have been proud to say that our Colts players don’t get in trouble on or off the field. They are stand up guys who would give you the shirt off their back if it helped. After Caldwell was relieved of his coaching duties and Bill Polian of the general manager duties is when that changed.

I’m not saying it changed overnight. I’m not saying this is a Pagano problem or Grigson problem either. The Colts still have good guys on the team that are big in the community and love helping people. However, there is a swagger or attitude in Indy now that hasn’t been seen before and it has sent a shockwave through ColtsNation. We aren’t used to hearing about our players getting into trouble for drunk driving or using PED’s. We aren’t used to hearing that our players are being accused of assaulting someone, sexual or otherwise. We aren’t used to seeing our owner marched into a county jail after being picked up for OWI. These are the things that we as fans used to pride ourselves on. Now it’s a smudge mark on the team’s good nature.

As we move forward from now on the term “Horseshoe Guy” needs to fade away. This organization isn’t full of that type of guy any longer. This team has guys that want to win however they can. This is a team with the attitude that they will tear your face off, of course this team couldn’t do that yet but it’s the attitude portrayed. I say it isn’t a Pagano problem because of every report I have ever read about Chuck is he is an amazing guy who loves them all but he doesn’t put up with bullcrap. Grigson is a gruff fellow who played this game not too long ago and knows what trend is going to take a team to the Super Bowl. He was on the right track his first year but has had bumps in the road. He brought guys in that weren’t “Horseshoe Guys’ and this team has taken a step each year to reaching the ultimate goal. Now another step awaits and you can’t take that step with choir boys.

Guys like McAfee, Overton, Luck, Wayne, Allen and many others are the good faces of this team. When you think community involvement you think of these men. You don’t think of Jerrell Freeman, LaRon Landry, Eric Walden or T.Y. Hilton. Not saying these guys are bad people but they know they have a job to do and nothing will get in the way off that. So for anyone that is a part of ColtsNation that doesn’t want to see this team move forward in any way possible please kindly step to the side and enjoy the show. I’ll go along for this ride for sure. I’m excited to see what happens.


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