Should the Colts sign Suh?


No player in the NFL may have more baggage or fines ($217,000 thus far in his career) attached to his name than Ndamukong Suh. Besides the baggage, he is able to bring the goods on Sundays (239 tackles, 36 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 interception). Ask many fans and the words that are most often associated with him are: dirty, undisciplined, cheap shot artist, talented, match up nightmare, intelligent, game-wrecker. All probably apply to his style of play, so why is he looking at getting out of D-Town? Probably because the Lions have decided that they have had enough of his antics plus the biggest factor, the money he will demand would probably not move the team forward. So why are we talking about a Lion’s player? Well, he is a free agent and talk coming out from league experts indicate that he is looking at potentially getting out of Detroit, and Indianapolis would be a good fit for both sides.

This is the part where Colts fans say thanks but no thanks to Suh. But before that happens think about what a player like Suh could bring to Indianapolis. Make no mistake about it, the dude can play, no one questions that. It’s all the extra stuff that he does that make people wonder why he does it with all the talent that he has. Suh brings 6’4″, 305 lbs to the defensive tackle position, something that the Colts could use badly to shore up the middle, that has up to this point been underwhelming. Factor in he has been four-time Pro Bowler in just five seasons he has played in (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014) as well as the AP NFL Rookie Defensive Player of the Year 2010, and Pepsi Rookie of the Year 2010, and you see just how talented he is.

The bigger question may be does Suh have interest in the Colts. It seems that he should. Information has leaked out that Suh’ s first choice apparently is the Seahawks, but the Seahawks may not have the cash surplus the Colts should have available (25.6 million projected), even after signing Luck to a potential NFL record-breaking deal. Depending upon who they retain or cut loose, that number may rise. It is expected that Suh could command around 8 million base salary a year maybe more depending upon the structure or size of the contract (I have seen 100 million number floated out there-not sure if that will happen). It would be a big commitment but one the team should consider especially with the possibility of Cory Redding not returning and some of the disappointing defensive signing and draft picks the team has made (Landry, Walden, Werner, and maybe Arthur Jones). The team could do worse. Suh definitely is not a “choir boy” when on the field, but off the field he has never been a problem (something the Colts have had issues with lately). My point, if the Colts are serious about rising to the next level or just beating the Patriots, it’s time they consider a move like this, if the price is right! Suh could be that piece that helps move the defense forward. He could use a change of scenery, and Indianapolis is very supportive fan base. Luck/Suh could be the driving factors on each side of the ball for years to come. Do I think it’s likely to happen? No, but if it did I wouldn’t be upset, especially after watching the Colts defense get thrashed at the hands of the Patriots.


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