Free Agents The Colts Should Target

Now obviously this list can change dramatically with guys who will be cut from their teams but for now we will go with guys that are going to free agents.  There are a lot of spots on the Colts roster that can use a major upgrade.  Offensive and defensive line comes to mind pretty quickly.  Also running back and safety are places where the Colts can get better.

This short is a just a few names of high end talent that the Colts could make a run at and they would make an immediate impact. 

Mike Iupati
I know what some people might think.  How would the 49ers ever let one of their best lineman go in free agency?  Well, they may not but if Iupati hits the market the Colts must make a solid run at him.  Last year they made inquiries into Alex Mack but ultimately passed.  Iupati is a stud guard who they can plug in and the running game for the Colts will get so much better.  Also Luck would finally have a decent offensive line in front of him for the first time in his young career.  Iupati will demand a good pay check but it’s worth it to have a young guard who can sync up with Mewhort, Castonzo, Holmes and Cherilus to protect the franchise.

Back-up plan: Orlando Franklin

Brian Orakpo
The Redskins aren’t going to offer Orakpo since their franchise tag designation blew up in their faces this past season.  Orakpo is coming off a season-ending injury but still has plenty of juice in the tank.  No one really knows if Mathis will be able to return to form and an edge rusher for this team is a must.  Newsome showed progress but if we are looking at the now then a guy like Orakpo is a big target.  He won’t command a bunch of money since he will have to prove he can still play at an elite level like before he went down last year.  It’s a Grigson special, low cost-high reward scenario.  If the Colts could get him at a decent price on a two or three year deal then why not pull the trigger?

Back-up plan: Pernell McPhee

Frank Gore
Yes it’s another aging running back but Gore has shown he can still play.  He isn’t the bruiser that he used to be but he is still very effective.  He would fit perfectly in the Colts offense as he is a great receiver and his pass blocking is second to none.  The 49ers may try to offer him a small deal but from what I’m hearing they are ready to move on to the next chapter at that position.  The Colts will more than likely re-sign Herron and if Bradshaw thinks he can still do it then they may even re-sign him.  Gore would be a pick-up if they choose to move on from Bradshaw though and in my opinion that would be the move to make.  I appreciate everything that Bradshaw has done and brought to this team but they cannot continue to hope that he will be a 16 game guy.

Back-up plan: C.J. Spiller

B.J. Raji
Raji is another guy that would be a Grigson-special.  Raji missed the entire season with an injury and the Packers did just fine without him which makes me think that Raji walks in Green Bay.  With Cory Redding coming up to free agency and the Colts needing to get younger on defense Raji would be the perfect fit.  He can play defensive end in the 3-4 but can also slide down and play defensive tackle.  Raji is known as a run stuffer who can get after the quarterback, which are two things the Colts need right now.  Raji may be demanding a decent pay day but if he is healed and ready to go it would be worth it for the Colts to sign him.

Back-up plan: Cory Redding


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