What Should The Colts Do With Their Free Agents?


Dan_HerronAs the end of the season nears there are big questions coming from Colts fans everywhere. What will the team do with this guy or that guy. Is this guy retiring or coming back. First and foremost I don’t have all the answers but I do have a take on what should happen.

There are some big names coming up in free agency that could turn this franchise either north or south. I’m sure we are all hoping for a northward swing so that this team can keep improving. So without further ado, this is what I think the Colts should do with some of the bigger names on the team.

Reggie Wayne

I think many of us are in agreement here. It’s time for Reggie to call it a career. With his steady decline of production it was hard to watchREggie this season as he was almost phased out of big drives. Getting him the dink and dunk balls at the beginning of the season to keep his three catches per game streak alive hurt even more. I love Reggie and what he has done for this community and this team. I couldn’t bear to see him in another uniform. I do hope that the team does him right and lets him retire a Colt. Maybe a coaching spot for Reggie would be a good fit. It would be great to see him still around the team helping these young receivers grow into powerhouses.

Cory Redding

This is another one that stings a little. I feel that it’s time for Cory to move on as well. Maybe not retire but the only way he should remain a Colt is at a discounted price. I don’t think he would command big money anyway but to pay him a good amount when there are younger guys who can come in and produce just as much it crazy. Redding is a leader of this team, no doubt about it. He has helped this defense out since arriving in Indy. I feel that he can still play but not as much as he has been. Either retain him at a lower cost or let him find a new home.

Hakeem Nicks

I feel keeping him around would be helpful. Nicks started to come on at the end of the season. It seems that he and Luck were starting to hakeem-nicks-bigfind a groove. How can having a veteran receiver who can still get the job done around be a bad thing? Nicks wanted to come here and build his career back up to where it was. That didn’t happen so he should still be relatively cheap. If he is still asking for higher numbers then let him walk. If he can stay on a 2 year team friendly deal, let him stay.

Darius Butler

Re-sign him. That’s it. He has been part of this growing defensive backfield for three years. He has done very well as the nickel/slot guy and the Colts would be hard pressed to find someone like him in free agency or the draft. Butler won’t command a ton of money either so keeping this defensive backfield that was so effective this past season makes sense to me. How about you?

Joe Reitz

I was killing Reitz later in the season but during the playoffs he really surprised me. He played well against some of the premier pass rushers and helped create a good pocket for Andrew. Not saying they pay him as a starter but they need to bring him back for sure. The Colts need the continuity with offensive lineman. So Reitz needs to be resigned for sure.

Sergio Brown

Let me get two claps and a Ric Flair…WOOO!!!! That’s right. Brown has grown into a leader of this team as well. He can start when Sergioneeded or play special teams and he won’t pout about it. Sergio has become a huge fan favorite and a locker room favorite as well. Keeping guys with his talent around this team is a must. Sergio may be looking for more money as he has shown he can start but paying him to stay here has a ton of benefits, especially if they release LaRon Landry.

Mike Adams

RE-SIGN THIS GUY!!!! The Colts need him for sure. He may be aging but he sure didn’t show it this year. As a part of the NO FLY ZONE, Adams was all over the field. Exactly what they needed after losing Bethea to San Fran last year. Maybe a two year deal would be a good fit for Adams. Not really committing a ton of time but just enough to know he is for real. Adams deserves to be paid a little higher than expected but going to the Pro Bowl will do that for you. Re-sign him as soon as possible

Jerrell Freeman

Freeman is another must. He has been in the system and knows how Chiefs-Coltsto run it. After mid-season Jackson and Freeman bonded well and even coverage across the middle got much better. Freeman is a tackling machine with speed to cover sideline to sideline. The Colts may be able to find another ILB in the draft but not one that would be able to beat Freeman out for a starting spot. Freeman is someone who could become a Pro Bowl caliber linebacker and if the Colts let him go like they have let so many good inside linebackers go in the past it could bite them in the butt.

Matt Overton

Overton is the new Justin Snow. He is very good at his craft and finding another like him would be almost impossible. Overton has done so much for the Indy community and continues to be a mainstay and fan favorite. Along with Pat and Adam, Overton is part of the 4th down army. Yes he is just a long snapper but tell me what other team in the NFL has a long snapper that the fans and team love? Sign Overton and keep him around.

A.Q. Shipley

I think everyone know how I feel about Shipley. I feel he was robbed from his spot but you have to love how he handled it and kept Shipleymoving along. Shipley can play two spots on the line and will add some much needed experience to a troubled spot on the team. Shipley shouldn’t be a huge price tag but the fact remains, does he want to come back to a team that keeps pushing him to the side when he produces? One can hope he will.

Ahmad Bradshaw

I’m not sure how I feel about this move. Bradshaw does bring what the Colts need but he cannot stay healthy for an entire season. Never has been able to since coming into the NFL. I know that he only got a one year deal last year and it paid off for the most part. I feel that if Bradshaw will sign another one year deal that is very team friendly then it wouldn’t hurt to bring him back. I still think the Colts need to land one of the better running backs in the draft this year but having Bradshaw to help teach them the way wouldn’t be a bad idea. Look what Herron learned.

Dan “Boom” Herron

Herron came on strong and never let up. He could possibly be the starter next year if he continues to grow and work at his craft. The feeling is that the Colts will be releasing Trent Richardson so that would leave only Ballard and Tipton as the running backs on the roster. Herron needs to come back but at a team friendly deal. If they bring Herron and Bradshaw back then I could see Ballard or Tipton being released and resigned to the practice squad. As I said about though, I feel they need to take a run at one of the better backs in the draft.



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