What Now?


Justin completely recapped the performance of Colts and their thrashing at the hands of the hated Patriots.  No excuses to be made, not even a deflated football (read Justin’s article) the Colts were completely outmatched.  Some will say that it’s part of the progression, some will say it shows just how good the Patriots are, but really there seems more to this story (one we’ve seen before).  Many questions seem to be popping up now that the dust is settling.  Where do the Colts go from here?

For starters, reports are swirling that the team and Andrew Luck are working on a record breaking deal, yes those are the sounds of Irsay backing up the Brink’s truck, full of cash.  Hopefully and logically the deal will be good for both Luck and the team.  I don’t have an issue with Luck cashing in, but after the the throbbing the team took, and several key players coming up for new deals, this is a an important path the team must forge carefully .

Besides Luck’s new deal, other factors like bad drafting, trades, and player evaluation has lead this team to the current state where they find themselves. Grigson and Pagano both now are finding themselves in the crosshairs of many, yet both are seemingly safe. Pagano is a decent coach, he’s full of heart which his players feed off of, but he needs to improve in game management and preparing the team week in and out. Grigson on the other hand is a big question mark. Is he closer to the executive of the year, or the GM who traded for Trent Richardson that now seems one-sided.

The team will have to work out all these issues and come up with a plan this offseason, luckily they have full a compliment of draft picks for the first time in a few seasons. That’s the task at hand and now, and decisions will come, but make no mistake the it’s time to get it right. Fix the offensive line, shore up the defense, find a running back, these are among the biggest needs. If these aren’t addressed, we may just see a repeat of what just happened. Here comes Lagarrette Blount, it time to to stop expecting different results without changing anything. The Colts will have the offseason to address it. All we can do is wait, for next season.


One response to “What Now?

  1. As a season ticket holder, I agree. We need to see management address three core needs:
    1) Offensive Line
    2) Defensive Line
    3) RB
    4) LB help

    It may be a combination of the next step and just how good the Patriots are. We need to take a major step forward with the draft and realistic expectations from trades and free agency. This will be the litmus test for Coach Pagano and Ryan Grigson.

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