Colts Fail to Show Up in AFC Title Game

The 2014 season ended for the Colts in one of the worst possible ways – getting run over by the Patriots. Not many sided with the Colts in this match up, especially with it being in New England, but Colts Nation was filled with hope.

LaGarrette Blount led the way for the Patriots as they won their sixth AFC Championship in the Belichick era. Blount did what Jonas Gray did to the Colts in their  regular season visit – bulldozed anything in his way. Blount’s 148 and three touchdowns was more than enough help for Tom Brady.

Brady threw for 23-of-35 and 226 yards and completely exposed the Colts secondary. It seamed as if the Colts forgot how to tackle and then misjudged Brady and Belichick’s game plan. Many times the Colts defense looked to be in a daze pre snap, as if they had never seen the types of formations the Patriots were in, which les to burning a couple of time outs.

One of the few times the Colts actually looked confident was when they held Brady scoreless during the opening position, which was nullified when Josh Cribb muffed the punt and gave the ball right back to the Pats.

Nothing could go right for the Colts – even veteran Adam Vinatieri who has made many clutch/difficult kicks in less then desirable weather in Foxborogh, looked far beyond his normal talent caliber. Vinatieri was trusted to attempt a 51-yard FG with 5 MPH cross winds, but completely shanked it.

This game got completely out of hand as the Patriots were just too much for the Colts this season. The Colts will be looking into a new contract for Luck with a ridiculous number, even though he is completely worth it, and what positions to improve with young talent with their 26th pick in this years draft. And the Patriots will move on to Super Bowl XLIX to face the Seattle Seahawks.

At times it has been a difficult season and at others a great season, but one thing is for sure – TrueBlueFans stood beside their team through it all and have much to be excited for in the 2015 season!


One response to “Colts Fail to Show Up in AFC Title Game

  1. Game got put of hand when an under inflated football took a weird flight causing it to be missed by Josh Cribbs on the first punt return. Brilliant coaching by Patriots as it pays big to cheat. Take your fine if you get caught but keep your win.

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