Has Luck Finally Done Enough?

I know what I’m about to say is going to ruffle the feathers of some of the Colts Nation. However, after tonight, it needs to be said. The Colts went into enemy territory, facing our old quarterback and faced off against a top 5 defense. What happened? The Colts won. An offense led by Andrew Luck went into Denver and not only won but dominated the Denver defense for most of the game. So here I go. Has Andrew finally won over the hearts of Colts fans everywhere?

I get that Peyton will be a part of Colts history forever. Believe me when I say this; I love and will always remember what Peyton did here. However, Luck has already done so much more in his first three years and I feel that the comparisons can stop.

In the 3 games that Luck and Manning have faced off Luck is 2-1, including tonight’s game. Luck has also broken most of Peyton’s passing records that he held in his first three seasons and rookie records. Luck has done everything he can to show every Colts fan he is the real deal yet there are people who still feel that Peyton was wronged, or that the Colts did the wrong thing. After tonight’s Colts victory do you really think they made the wrong move? Luck is younger but was able to carve up a host of veteran defenders. Manning played well to start but you could see his age catching up.

Also, Manning lost his 10th game in the playoffs where his team was favored to win. I saw this a lot tonight on Twitter and other social media spots. “Luck takes the torch from Manning”. Hasn’t that already happened? Luck may make some boneheaded throws and wrong reads but even the great Peyton Manning did that.

My question to you is what else does Luck need to do? I feel he has done everything he can but bring a Lombardi to Indy, which he is attempting to this year. I feel that after Luck and this team brings home a Super Bowl trophy all the comparisons will finally go away but for those of you who still feel that Peyton was wronged and Luck shouldn’t be here then I feel sorry for you. We have something special here and it’s going to be here for a long time. Get used to it or get out.


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