Dungy and Harrison Are Finalists For The HOF

HarrisonThe list of finalists for the 2015 Pro Football Hall Of Fame inductees was announced last night.  The semi-finalist list was full of great names and people that we all grew up watching and cheering on.  Out of that semi-finalist list, only 15 names were chosen as finalists.  Former Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison and former head coach Tony Dungy were two of the 15 names announced on the NFL Network last night.

Harrison seems like a first ballot hall of famer but men like Tim Brown and Charles Haley are on the list as well and their wait time has been far to long.  Coach Dungy made the list as well but he is going up against two other great coaches in NFL History, Jimmy Johnson and Don Coryell.

I’m not completely sold that both or either one for that matter will make it this year but being named to the finalist list should show that at the very least they will find their way into Canton sooner rather than later.  The other named to the finalist list are:

Morten Anderson
Charles Haley
Tim Brown
Kevin Greene
Orlando Pace
Kurt Warner
Jimmy Johnson
Don Coryell
Will Shields
John Lynch
Jerome Bettis
Terrell Davis
Junior Seau

Former Colts general manager Bill Polian is also up for induction as an executive.

All these names are etched in the history of the NFL.  I’m not saying Dungythat Dungy and Harrison aren’t etched into NFL history but the men on this list are some of the best and as I said before, some have been waiting over almost a decade.  I want to wish Coach Dungy and Marvin Harrison the best of luck and I hope that I can go to Canton this summer to watch one or both of them go into the hall.


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