Colts vs. Broncos Tickets Are Going For Next To Nothing

While looking at AFC Divisional Playoff junk I came across something that was a little shocking to me.  Tickets for the Colts vs. Broncos game are some of the cheapest tickets to a major sporting event in a while.

Peyton Manning squaring off against his old team hasn’t sparked the secondary ticket market. According to data provided by, Broncos/Colts is the cheapest game of Divisional weekend.

At an average asking price of $251.96, it’s the cheapest Peyton Manning playoff game since his move to Denver. Manning’s 2010 playoff run with the Colts vs Baltimore and the Jets averaged $211.45 and $342.90 respectively. The January 2011 Wild Card game vs the Jets (Manning’s final game with the Colts) averaged $212.76 on the secondary market.

If both the Colts and the Ravens were to advance this weekend, Lucas Oil Stadium would host the cheapest possible Conference Championship game on the secondary market, currently averaging $567.20.

For those of us who really couldn’t afford to go to these games at any other point this may be our time.  Yes the prices are still a little high for the average joe but you only live once and this should be on your bucket list of games to see.  If you’re planning on going to the game in Denver, jump over to our friend TiqIQ If you’re looking for tickets.  Bet you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else.  Just click the link below.  Go Colts!!!!


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