Colts Hope to Finish Strong

The Colts travel to Tennessee to finish the season out before heading into the playoffs.  The Colts and the Titans face each other yet the story remains same as most of the previous meetings.  The Colts remain as a playoff contender with a solid quarterback and a high octane offense, while the Titans continue the search for next quarterback since Steve McNair to lead them to a similar level of success that the franchise briefly obtained before Manning came to Indy.  The only issue remaining for the Colts at this point is what will the team do?  In the past under the previous regime, the front office often treated this type of game as a way to rest players who were either tired from the long season or who were banged up.  The X’s and O’s really shouldn’t be the big factor in this game, the biggest factor is one that has often reared it’s head with the team, themselves.

The Colts were totally destroyed in all phases, aspects, areas of last week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.  Many fans will be quick to dismiss the game and maybe we should, yet there seem to be some indications that the team didn’t want to dismiss the game.  The players did the often maligned “Players Only Meeting” to air out issues as to why the team played the way they did.  There were rumblings that some players were questioning the heart or attitude of some of their teammates.  Not good!  None-the-less, it happened and what results from it is something to watch.  Coach Pagano says the team plans on treating this game as any other game, one that is important as any other.  I don’t know if I totally believe that, but I’m quite sure that the effort will be there.  It’s probably crucial for this team to fix some of their offensive woes that have reared it’s head the last few games.

Luck hasn’t played extremely well the last few games, yet he can’t be the only one to blame.  The offensive line has been horrible as of late due to injuries and again as pointed out by many here, the players.  The line must protect Luck and find some cohesion to help the running game take some pressure off Luck.  Richardson is what he is at this point, and that unfortunately isn’t good, but he will be needed along with Herron to find some sort of balance.  Again, the Titans aren’t the biggest issue, that falls on the team and the players.  Dwayne Allen is looking to regroup after quite possibly playing the worst game of his professional career, he’s too good of player to drop passes like that.  The defense also has something to prove after seemingly finding no answer to stop Dallas last week, even Vontae Davis struggled.

To sums things up, the Colts have one game to correct many deficiencies before facing a playoff team that will be coming into Lucas Oil Stadium that has a legitimate chance to upset the home team.  Look for the Colts to roll the Titans 35-21.


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