Colts – Texans Preview

The final Colts home game has arrived.  This Sunday the Colts will be looking to accomplish a couple of things.  First, and most importantly, the Colts can lock up the AFC South which ensures a home playoff game.  Secondly, they can keep the Texans winless in Indy.

The Texans have never won in Indy, but it’s not from a lack of trying.  The Texans usually give the Colts everything they can handle.  This week will be much of the same.  The Texans game plan is relatively easy to lay out.  They will try to run the ball down our throats, which will then set up the pass.  The Texans have two very good wide receivers (Johnson and Hopkins) and two pretty good running backs (Foster and Blue).  Their defense will blitz as much as possible while NFL MVP hopeful J.J. Watt will do everything he can to wreck the Colts’ game plan.

Keys to a Colts victory:

  1. Know where J.J. Watt is at all times
    I mean at all times.  Defense or offense.  Watt has three receiving touchdowns this year.  Coach Bill O’Brien has done what he can to use his playmakers everywhere on the field.  Watt is just what Coach Pags has said – he is a game wrecker.  If the Colts allow Watt to get going and build that confidence quickly then it’s going to be a long day
  2. Set the run up with the pass
    Let me just get this out of the way.  STOP RUNNING ON 2ND & 3RD AND LONG!!!  Okay, now I feel better.  This is the time of the season where Luck and company need to get hot.  This team needs to get hot rolling into the playoffs.  It’s finally time to unleash Luck all the way and not hold him back.  It’s a sink or swim situation.  He should be able to make the calls at the line by now.  Give him a couple of options and let him go.  I’m not saying he is ready for Peyton-like responsibilities but he is ready to lead this team in every way possible.  Luck must be accurate and throw early and often to allow Herron and Richardson to their thing.
  3. No turnovers
    Yep, that speaks for itself.  No turnovers.  The turnover bug has bit this team for some reason and it’s a cause for concern.  Luck is at the middle of it which is something that is an even bigger concern.  How can the leader of the team be the one that is suddenly turnover prone? I’m not saying it’s all his fault but…it’s mostly his fault.  For the last two years Luck has done a great job of taking hits and holding onto the ball.  Suddenly, that has changed.  Have all those hits finally caught up with him or is this just a fluke thing that he will put a lid on quickly?  Whatever the case may be, the Colts have to get a handle on the ball, literally, and not give their opponents additional possessions.

The Colts usually find a way to beat the Texans and I don’t think it will be any different this weekend.  Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t someone that strikes fear into the hearts of Colts players or fans.  Arian Foster and Alfred Blue are the only real offensive threats the Texans have.  I know they have Andre Johnson but if the quarterback has a hard time getting him the ball then his production will be limited.

If Luck and company take care of the ball and capitalize on every possession then they will keep the Texans winless in Indy.

Colts: 34     Texans: 20  


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