Colts RB Situation: Decisions…Decisions….

By now I’m sure most of you are annoyed with the constant chatter regarding the Colts running back situation.  Nothing is going to change unless something drastic happens and Peterson is allowed back in the league and Minnesota releases him.  For right now Colts Nation, we have Herron and Richardson to rely on for the remainder of the season.

With that being said I felt the need to provide some scenarios that could happen this upcoming offseason for Indy to possibly solidify a position they have been lacking since Addai fell off quickly a few years back.  Since Addai, the Colts haven’t had a running back they could depend on every game to get the yardage on the ground and be the extra blocker for blitzing linebackers.  I think I speak for every Colts fan that we are tired of seeing this position becoming the missing link for this offense.  The Colts need to find a solid running back that can be a 3-down back or at least can be relied on to get more than 1 or 2 yards a carry.  Here are a few things to think on as we watch our boys in blue head into the postseason on a path to the Super Bowl.

  1. Colts keep Herron and Richardson and draft a running back
    This scenario seems to be the most likely out of any that I will talk about.  Herron will come cheap unless the Colts win the Lombardi and Herron wins the SB MVP.  They could keep him around for another year or two and develop a running back out of the draft.  Richardson is here for the long haul of his contract.  It’s guaranteed so cutting him would cost the Colts more money than they need to use.  A couple of prospects that could be available in the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft that could come in and make a difference are Melvin Gordon (Wisconsin), Tevin Coleman (Indiana) and Ameer Abdullah (Nebraska).  All three are Big Ten backs, which never happens, and all three could be very productive in the NFL if given time to adjust and prepare themselves for the elevation of talented defenses they will face in the NFL.
  2. Colts sign Adrian Peterson after he is released from Minnesota
    I understand that this is all hypothetical.  The thought that Minnesota will release Peterson once he is reinstated is something that should happen.  If it doesn’t then this whole scenario gets thrown out the window.  If he is released then the Colts would be able to get him at a high discounted price tag than he would have commanded before the court hearings and NFL suspension.  The thought of Adrian Peterson and Andrew Luck in the same backfield sends chills down my spine.  Of course, it may only be a one-year deal but one year of Peterson & Luck would be game changing.
  3. Colts sign Marshawn Lynch
    It’s been publically stated that Lynch’s time is basically done in Seattle.  The team is upset with his refusal to talk with the media and when he does it’s just common one-word answers.  Not saying the Colts front office would appreciate it either but would probably tolerate it with what Lynch can bring to the team.  I’m sure any contract that Lynch signs at this point will include language that he must give two minutes or something to the media after every game, which is fair for the money he will make.  Once again, it would more than likely be a short-term contract but Lynch and Luck would be amazing and finally give the Colts the bruising back that can wear the defense out and give Luck time to pass the ball.  This is another scenario that is all hypothetical based on the rumors that Seattle is fed up with him.
  4. Colts sign Ray Rice
    I’m aware that they have already said they have no interest in signing Rice.  But, that’s right now.  What happens when the off-season comes around and they really want to shore up the running game?  Rice isn’t the guy he once was and his actions are despicable to me.  I don’t think this would be the smartest decision, but I’m not making the big bucks to make that decision.  I’m simply a fan/blogger that is allowed to put my two cents in whether people like it or not.  Could Rice be helpful to this team?  More than likely in some capacity, but what it would cost the team in signing him (i.e. fan support, media circus) may outweigh what he can do on the field.

These are just a few directions the Colts could go to landing a running back that would be able to help right away.  The incoming rookies would have a limited role until they were comfortable enough and could possibly overtake a veteran.  That is a long term solution but of course the team may be looking for a quick fix to help get them over the hump into the finale that every team strives for throughout the season.  I’m in favor of any of these scenarios, except for the last one, but if they go that route then I will continue to support this team wholeheartedly.  I mean, it’s easy to love the Colts and hate their running back.  Many people are doing that this year.   Things can only get better….right??


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