Week 13 Preview: Colts Vs Redskins

The struggling Washington Redskins are making their way to Indianapolis to battle the Colts this Sunday at 1:00 pm. Indy is looking to advance and secure their first place position in the AFC South while the Redskins just look to get something going for themselves.

This is going to be a difficult game for Washington as not only do they have a poor defense to begin with but they have also been struggling with injuries. This is bad news for any team getting ready to challenge the NFL’s best passing offense which averages 323 yards per game.

Last week the O-line for the Colts really struggled to protect Andrew Luck. He was sacked 5 times in the first half and rushed multiple times. This likely means that Washington will do their best to apply as much pressure on Luck as possible. As a result of that we could see a lot of one-on-one match ups with the receivers. This means look for T.Y. Hilton to be targeted by Luck early and often.

The big news coming from D.C. this week has been the benching of QB RGIII in favor Colt McCoy.  McCoy has accounted for two of the three wins this season but does he have what it takes to out-do the Colts defense? If D’Qwell Jackson can apply pressure on McCoy and Vontae Davis does his thing, I don’t think it will be too hard for Luck to out score Washington.

This game’s outcome will rely on Indy’s ability to pressure McCoy.  Obviously these two QB’s are completely different but they will most likely try to go to a quick passing game incase the Colts plan on blitzing often. One of the major concerns the Colts should have is one of their former players, Pierre Garcon. McCoy will go to him often and Indy has to be prepared for that.

Overall, this is a struggling Washington Redskins team and they will likely endeavor many problems with their poor defense against Luck. This game should be in the hands of the Colts by the opening kick off.

My prediction: 34-17 Colts


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