What I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is the day in America where we gorge ourselves on food and football, but the real significance behind the holiday is reflecting on our lives and what we have to be thankful for.  So applying that to the Colts and and more specifically our site, True Blue Fans, here is my list:

I’m thankful for the Colts and their organization which starts at the top.  Look, I always don’t agree with every action or move they make, but overall this team and it’s leadership does much good in the community.   Sure, Irsay had a tough year, but he has heart of gold and he has seemingly shed his inner demons.  I hope it stays that way.

Again, the leadership team involving Grigson and Pagano may not always be tops among some fans, yet they deserve the credit that goes with the team resurrection from abyss that was just three short seasons ago.  Yes, I hate seeing losses like the one sustained against New England or the lackluster performance against Jacksonville, but they had their hand in crafting these teams that have exceeded expectations.

Then there’s the young quarterback who came in and had very big shoes to fill and has quietly went about making his own legacy in Indy.  It seems that at some point he’ll break through and hoist up the Lombardi Trophy sooner or later.  Also, I’d like to thank Peyton for all the years of enjoyment and winning and success he brought – not to mention the stadium the team now plays in.

Then there is the team itself.  Players like Matt Overton making the lives in his community better.  Pat McAfee is another player who has adopted Indy as home and all that he does in the community.  There are many players who do things without gaining the notoriety from their actions.  Thanks to the team for giving me something to look forward to on Sundays.

Finally, to my colleagues Chase and Dave.  Extra kudos go to Dave who has taken on the role as editor and continually does a great a job, and Chase, who grows his craft with each article. This leaves Justin, the co-founder and Cari (our former editor), whom gave me the opportunity to write for them a little over a year ago.  Justin is a good guy and provides great football insights, especially the “X and O’s.”  Finally, I want to thank you, the readers, who takes time out of your busy lives to read our content.

These are just a few of things I’m thankful for.


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