Colts – Where to Begin?


The Colts bested the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-3, but despite the score there is some real concern growing among fans who pay attention to this team.  Look, I’ve said this before and still believe the Colts win the AFC South.  Problem is, the South is really bad this year and the Colts are lucky beneficiaries of that.  Although the score looks impressive, the defense only giving up three points – if you watched the game then you know that Jacksonville outplayed the Colts.  The first half the offensive line couldn’t keep Jacksonville out of Luck’s way which created sacks and fumbles galore.

I know there are many good reasons for these happenings like injuries, a good front seven on Jacksonville, and general wear and tear from the season, but some of this really falls squarely on the coaching and the decision made this off season.  Many including myself felt Trent Richardson could rebound after a disastrous first season with team, but unfortunately that all but looks busted now.  Trent soley is out there now because the front office got swindled by the Browns.  He has seemingly been outplayed by almost every back the Colts have trotted out; Daniel “Boom” Herron is the latest.  The biggest issue I see with Trent is he looks indecisive and lacks a burst which are both traits Donald Brown and now Herron both exhibit.

But, I don’t blame T-Rich; he’s out there doing what he’s being told.  The offensive line at this point (again) is a hot mess.  Disclaimer: I do think they have some pieces to build off, however this offseason they have work to do.  Remember all the talk about Khaled Holmes and “The Center of the Future” talk?   Yeah, that looks brilliant and many fell for the line of crap!  Seriously, A.Q.  Shipley was playing well, then for some reason the coaching staff decided to make a change for really no reason.  Harrison has played alright, and long term may be the actual “Center of the Future,” but seems like he and the team both could have benefitted from some seasoning.

The defense was supposed to be improved this season and at times have looked really good, but unfortunately it seems that the unit is as bad as it usually is.  Vontae Davis has been solid but really no one else has stood out.  The next best player defensively on the team is Cory Redding and it seems there isn’t a lot left in the tank for him.  Mike Adams has also been involved in some big plays but like Redding he’s getter near the end of his career at this point.  Bjoern Werner came into the season with lots of hype to fill the vacant shoes of Robert Mathis, but has proved to better at “Setting the Edge” than pass rushing, something that Erik Walden has actually done well at, and he was brought in to “Set the Edge”-go figure.

My point is, there are many issues plaguing this team and it seems likely that these issues will cause Luck and the offense a chance at hoisting the trophy in February.  I would love nothing more than to see it happen, but the problem is I just don’t see it coming together as past issues seem to be rising to the surface again.  This is sort of my way of releasing my frustration I’ve bottled up for this season.  I see so much potential  yet it always seems just out of reach.  Now, I can end on a positive note – Josh Cribbs looks like he can be a difference maker.  I loved what I saw from him.  He brought energy and focus and almost single-handedly showed the team how passion can raise your game.  Although he is a relative newcomer to the team, he has shown others that he knows his time is limited and he will make the most of the opportunity he’s given.  Welcome  to Indy, Josh!


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