Bradshaw Done For Season – What’s Next?

Our worst fears became a reality today.

Ahmad Bradshaw, the Colts leading rusher this season, suffered a broken ankle in Sunday night’s beat down and is done for the season.

The Colts immediately signed veteran running back and kick returner Josh Cribbs, but that may be as a replacement for Griff Whalen, who lately has looked like he forgot the basics of football.

So, what should the Colts do? They could just roll with T-Rich and Boom for the remainder of the season and maybe elevate somebody from the practice squad. Or, they could make a splash and sign one of the recently released big-name running backs who became unemployed today – Ben Tate or LeGarrette Blount.

As soon as it was announced that these two running backs were available the Twitter world exploded saying the Colts should go after one of them.

Should they?

Let’s break it down.

Tate, a name we should know as he has spent the last few years terrorizing the Colts D when he was with the Houston Texans, was brought in by Cleveland to be their starting running back, and subsequently was released after 10 games – Red Flag.

Tate amassed 333 yards and four TDs during his time in Cleveland this year but has gained over 2,300 yards in just 3+ seasons, which isn’t too shabby considering he was used primarily as a backup in Houston. I’m not a fan of Cleveland and barely know who their coach is so I do not follow the team closely so I’m unsure if there were any locker room issues which led to Tate’s release – perhaps he was just outplayed by guys who were less expensive.

And then there is Blount. I’ll be frank – if the Colts make an effort to sign Blount I may have to cheer against them for the time being. Blount is a cancer – he has been since his final year at Oregon when he was suspended for 10 games for punching an opposing player after a game.

Obviously we all remember what Blount did against the Colts in the playoffs last season (166 yards & 4 TDs), but that was against our less-than-stellar defensive. He followed up that performance with a 5-carry, 6-yard effort the following week against Denver in the AFC Championship.

Does Blount have talent? Sure he does. He wouldn’t be in the NFL if he sucked, but there’s obviously a reason why he just got bounced from his third team in five years. Throw in the fact that before he played a single game for the Steelers he was arrested for marijuana possession. Blount has bad news written all over him. If the Colts make a run at him they need to offer him the absolute league minimum and include a zero tolerance clause in his contract that if he embarrasses this team or city in anyway way he is cut immediately.

If the Colts are going to make a move I would have to put my money on Tate. He’s younger than Blount by a year and carries less off-the-field baggage and in my opinion, is just as talented.

It’s your move, Mr. Grigson.


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